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Thursday, January 31, 2013

GO Away Fine Lines

One of the major investment that I will be putting forward for 2013 is towards my face! =D
Looking decently good was never an easy task. It worries me when those random on not being able to be a decently hot girlfriend of a guy crosses my mind.

I didn't start and proper skincare regime when I was in my teens. Come on, poor people where got time to think about all this. I barely have enough time to spare on studying and working in between to make enough.

Soon to be 34 in July 2013, I am seriously hoping to salvage the very little substance of youth left in me.
I would be really happy if I can look like a 27 years old till I reach 40 =P

One of the thing that I have invested in is collagen drink.
I've had collagen powder to be made into drinks before but it taste awful!
I am giving these drinks a try, and it ain't cheap! But all for the sake of supple skin and younger looking complexion.

DHC Collagen Drink available @ Watson
Bought 2 boxes for RM199 during their promo period.

It really does work for me! Hair is instantly easier to manage somehow. And those beggars' knot that I have always got  since I don't comb my hair too were all loosen up! And I do notice a better glow on the complexion, with the redness on skin reduced ;)

This is actually hyaluronic acid in serum base, meaning more powerful! Going to review this soon in YourShoppingKaki, so not gonna talk about it now. At the time of writing, I have actually used up at least half of the substance. If you knew of the brand and have been searching on where to buy this, head on to Styles4U

Clarins Anti Aging Double Serum that claims to give super result in 4 weeks time!
By now it's more than 4 weeks already. Result wasn't super obvious, but it's pretty good in giving the suppleness back to the skin. I think the combination of collagen and the anti aging serum does work as now I actually uses less make up as the skin condition is way better than previous and there isn't blotchiness =D
Retailing at RM280 yo :/

2013 !!

circa 2011 / 2012

Won this set of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Eraser Set from Cheeserland!! ;D

Such is life. There is no natural beauty one!... You gotta work hard to pay off to attain the slightest of beauty if you are not born with it :'(

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