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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Too Long

1.24pm  : "You haven't blog in so long"

And that was just exactly what I had in mind when Sha-Lene messaged me just a while ago.

Spent RM600 nearly on drinks with 2 of my friends, in a drinking pub, with lots of people, noisy band and persuasive waiters hoping to get your next order.

Perhaps the band was good but the loud tune bear so much resemblance to things I have been hearing at work - screaming and screeching at one another to get things done.
It was non-stop music - exactly like the non-stop complaints and complaints at work.

The food was good enough, as a reminder that nothing can escape the brutal GST.

I woke up each day, sitting on the edge of the bed and staring straight ahead to that corner where all my dolls stand. To each with their own deep expression, staring blanklessly into the messy room they are forced to reside in, letting the stale air brushing on their polymer hair. As they stare, I stare and it bring us back to nowhere but merely an empty stare. Liddat lor...

I am tired. Of the assassination at work. The continuous rumble of words from each and everyone of them who think they are the best. The dumbfounded expression I have to face when I ask "Have you ever thought thru before you ask me such silly retard question?"

So much I wanted to rant, so much I wanted to forget. Nothing was to be etched on and labelled 'memories'. I have never thought of making a turn back or 'if-fing' my statement wishing that it should be of a different turn. I just need to walk ahead.

Two presentation to go, a couple of a couple of blog posts, a whole catalogues of products, 3 raw staff to face, 1 relatively hard boss to face and another wannabe-boss to deal with....

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