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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A plastic being

my job and sometimes life sucks
everyday i have to suck it up and tread on
so i buy dolls to stand in front of me
to put in my bag, my car and everywhere
so that it can distract me from feeling damn low, like now
so that i can have some quiet moment and free from bossy instruction
they are like classy cats
they pose like a queen
they turn their heads like a renaissance model
they just mind their own business
while u watch and stare and play with their classy hair
like a classy queen cat with no grudge
that's what they are
she is my new addition to the family
which i just got via mail
and i refused to stare long at her
because i want to go home, have a shower and sit down
and let her be the queen
so i can admire, be impressed and be in full awe
of her awesomeness
we have no fate to be together
cus i lost her in less than 8 hours of getting her
it's not the money i felt losses for
it's like losing a new friend that i have known slightly and about to know all
because i have seen her for afar for many months
it's about losing this pillar of comfort
at that very time when i feel so low at work that i need a system support to my soul
u don't get it
u just don't get it

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  1. it is great that you can find something that you like in life...


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