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Thursday, February 26, 2015

At Your Service

It was just yesterday when that man-made lion made a materialistic entrance to the office entrance.
The Chinese staff kept 'molesting' the tiger head, believing that it will bring more auspicious blessing.
The Indian staff have their smart (and non smart) phone all in camera mode, snapping 99 pictures of the same scene within 2 minutes - because it's a damn big cat that one will never be able to see. Except during Chinese New Year.

Seriously, I hate those specimen of cat-lion. It comes with battery operated forehead by the way.
Alot of the Chinese people at work do not understand why I despise it. I do not understand why they bother to think so deep why I am against it.
They just don't understand why I refused to put an orange and an angpau packet filled with money - to be blessed by the cat-lion.
And I just don't understand why they die-die also want the cat-lion (with 2 boys maneuvering it) to crack open a mandarin orange and collect the angpau underneath it. The cat-lion team is paid a hefty sum btw.

We were never on the same channel. I don't think I will ever be on the same radar anyway.
I miss the smell of corporatism. I miss the need to be seen and to see. I have the slightest interest to make a man-made cat-lion to bless me thru  out the year. I wanna be in a power suit doing presentation, holding a pointer or something of that like lah!!

It's the 7th day of Lunar New Year. New or not doesn't bring me much impact. But it was what I did today that make me fall apart.
I spent 85% of my time doing other's work. Because sometimes somehow, like fate is bestow upon us, we meet people who will just give us work. Their work. Some work. Extra work. And then they question you why can't you meet deadline. Then you can't retort back with, 'But it's not even my work. I am not a Customer Service Officer, nor am I a data entry clerk, or a clergyman helping you to do you whatever work that you cannot complete.'

No, we can't. It doesn't work that way.
So we take up the pile and we do.
Then we look at our own pile.
2 more days till deadline.
Nobody cares, I supposed no one remembers that I actually do have my own work scope given that I was paid a salary to perform a certain job skills set.

I want to start the year fresh.
I told myself to suck it in.
Because I can do it.
I will do it.
better than anyone else,
but it seems to be looking like an abuse by then.

I have been working on some seriously shit boring costing sheet for 2 days..
Only for the laptop to go sideway and not able to recognise the file and it went unsaved.
It broke me down. Real hard.
The re-do process was no doubt faster than when I first learnt the formulas needed to do that damn annoying Excel sheet.
But I was running out of my own time, to do my own things
Because when tomorrow comes, I gotta do things again.
For every other people but my own things..

The cat-lion made it's way to every workstation, searching for mandarin oranges with a stash of angpau below it.
It came to my station. Too many documents on the desk and no angpau to be seen. It nodded in displeasure and left.
It went to the room opposite.
On the table was a big fat mandarin orange, With a juicier angpau the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
The damn cat was prancing and wriggling it's materialistic ass all around, like a middle aged woman who have found a young man to bed. It pranced so long onto the desk, giving it's blessing (via a cat head manned by a boy), that I had time to time it.

I guess the boy in the cat-lion head had to do it.
It's his job.
So is mine.
At least he was smart enough to leave when there's no angpau on my desk.

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