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Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't You Tell My Mum

...... that I have splurged couple of hundred bucks on impulse purchase *__*

Kucin Jantan Kucing Betina
Kacip Fatimah mahal tak terkira
Kucing mana yang tak gila
Bila Cats Whiskers SALES cam gila!!!! 

Yah!!! And this is how crazily- overly- madly crazy I was when I headed to Cats Whiskers boutique during their recent clearance sales season. Everything for 70%!! I would have bought over the entire boutique if I can :D Like as in buying over the whole lot as a business entity and make my own conglomerate of fashion line :D But!! This is not a lot compared to some woman who most probably have bought a lot more than me :D But for one who need not wear anything but the company's own attire during working days (that's me) it's deemed unnecessary.

Loots on Day 1

Loots on Day 1, 2 and 3 combined

purple tunic so nice I don't think I want to wear it and spoil it.

khaki T-back dress so hot I don't think I dare to wear it out of the room

OOh! And while I was at Glam Street bazaar attempting to look like I am a bazaar whore....62km away from where I am, Miss Pung was hoarding the fitting room of Forever 21 in Sunway Pyramid and attempted to call me and I attempted to return call and she attempted again to call me and again I attempted to call again to to liaise on a very important matter - to buy the nautical stripes maxi I have been dreaming of :)
This is most probably a very stupid dream for a very mature 31 years old woman who had another half a million sales target to reach before end of June 2010 and more important issues to think about like tax returns, marketing strategy and such..
Forever 21 nautica maxi at RM79
Spot my leaf pendant? RM11 from Cats!

Shopping is never what some says. It is only theraupeutic when you are Paris Hilton and can afford to spend USD25,000 on Victoria's Secret without having to go home and think of how to curb having lunch just to save RM15 a day to re-coup back the monetary losses made during shopping session completed.
And now I shall go on a fasting period- both on shopping and on food...

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