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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tuning In From Work..

Do you like my work station? 
I don't really get to see a lot of work station, but I think mine is one of the coolest. No? But boss says I am not very good in tidying of my work station ;/
Seriously, I like to have all things piled up. It creates a sensation as if there is a gazillion of things not done and I need to do something about it.
Clean workstation freaks me out. It feels like I have been asked to leave and the cleaner have readily tidied up my desk pending for my leaving =(

Most probably... again you will be jealous to know that we have this superb area called showroom, which is obviously adorned to impress anyone who drops by. No one really do get what we do. That sometimes it's a bit tiring to even explain.
You know..there are people who operate business selling weird merchandise like those weird hand sculpture thing, where you dip your hand in some gaseous substance (the magic potion, I would call that) in a barrel. All you have to do is make stupid hand gesture and dip for as long as the promoter ask you to. Yeah, that's just the different kind of sales that people can make out of nothing and market out of nowhere. We too have a solid idea and item to market in a very professional way. Like anyone of you who sell properties, consultancy services and such.
There is always this perception that, if you sell batik or ladies wear, you must be some lady of leisure with nothing much to contribute to the society and would like to contribute to the economy by asking the hubby to throw in a 500,000 bucks to open a fancy 600 square feet called boutique / butik / fashion outlet. Sadly, that's not how we do it. Else I would be happy too. Wearing dainty sequinned caftan, pecking cheeks with the socialites, complimenting every surgically corrected facial expression I see..

There is sooo much things / issues / agenda involved in every living day of a sales person. That sometimes it's taking a toll. (Again, I see my post as a rant of frustration -__-"
Everyday you worry about not making enough sales - I never do have enough sales anyway :(  (not too sure if I should even publicly display this and lower my credentials)
Everyday you have to make strange calls to strange people. That aside, some of those over the phone sounds like they are in a session of huchi-mamas while attending to my cold calls - I supposed this is what happens when you call someone too early in the morning and they are still wrestling bears before breakfast (quote from Chindiana)
Everyday you have to think of what the prospects are thinking before they can think of what they are thinking, in order to counter attack and win some debates and turn it into a persuasion form of discussion ( I don't even get what I am saying here)
When you are running out of products to show the same clients whom you have met for the 115th times over a period of 6 months, you don't have much room to play with but to tell them you can do anything and everything under the universe. We call this DIVERSIFICATION and EXPANSION

I can't say that NO ONE actualy get the idea of what we are into. Many do appreciate the lively colors that imbues the sensory and almost everytime creates a delirious spectator with only a 50-50 chances of translating that expression into cold cash.

People, it's all hard work. For me and for those who painted it while standing 8 hours a day, having to undergo nags from the production superior, sweating profusely in the warm studio, waxing lyrical flow of lines. Oh, it's hard for me as I am still not sure if your 50-50 or 80-20 (NO BUY-BUY) can be translated to a 100% BUY!

I am tired. I am lackadaisical. I am confused. I am also worried. I think I am ruined. In many ways. Mentally mostly..
I dream of dancing. 
Of doing sangeetham.
Of sewing my own piece of maxi. 
Of money falling from the sky...

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