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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lah Lah Lah

This Sunday is by far the worst and least productive  day it can ever get in my life so far. Woke up at 4.59pm! Beat Mei by sleeping an extra 49 minutes more. But she pops sleeping pills and I don't! And the intended plan to go to Palate Palatte for lunch and have a tour of Lap Sap's bargain bazaar did not materialise. I was expecting the woman to call and wake me up. And she had the same expectation of me too :P

Here's a bit of Lah Lah Land's Junkyard Sales on 22 May 2010. I tagged along with the woman to see what's happening in a JunkYard Sales :D  It's always interesting to be in a Lah Lah Land event as everyone seems drugged out. And it is not hard to spot any guy or girls in mushroom head as it seems to be the trend of their genre.

Went back at about midnite and missed dinner.. Kepong is not so bad after all despite me having biased thoughts about the Kepong vicinity -__- It has a 24 hours MacD to serve the ah lians and ah beng who are back from ' feng tau' session.

wah I am loving my elepphant chain with my slouchy top

And need not guess what  I bought! Yeah, I always believe in buying something from any bazaar that I visit. Doing my part for the community despite not having enough financial freedom.. =D
Ain't I noble?

Dukes of Blizzards =P

Sunday was really bad as I stressed earlier. To add salt to the wound, I locked myself out of the house at 7pm and stood outside at the public pathway waiting for mom to reach home at 9.45pm -__- In between, I read the entire Sunday paper, stretched both my legs on the balcony, walked down the stairs from level 7 to ground floor, bought a Cornetto, licked the ice cream back to 7th floor via stairs, tried a few trick in attempt to open the door. Failed.
Oh Sunday... I only savoured 3 hours of you. I brought Saturday with me when I refused to wake up till it's 5pm. And I stare and stood in blankness from 7pm to 9.45pm. That 3 hours were those in between hours where I managed to enjoy a 15 minutes business in toilet, half hour Tamil movie, half hours Doraemon and some crap in between..
Oh Sunday!


  1. that elephant chain cute. if i were a cross dresser i'd buy one.

    eh these flea markets look intereseting - think people will buy my toys?

  2. why u wanna sell your toys!? yah they may but ur toys are gonna cost a lot rite?
    tho i saw they have nikes and other weird vintage sports shoes selling for RM500.
    why wud u wanna sit there and look sympathetic and try to sell off seremban fella?

  3. no la i hire a bangla to sell for me :P


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