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Monday, June 14, 2010

The a-MEI-zing chain!

This week, I tried the Tim Burton's inspired make up style which I found in Youtube

the one done from office

and the one intensified when I got home ;)

I dreamt of chains yesterday. I dreamt of regretting not to own a set of this god-know-what-metal-chain thing that I saw in Eff-Bombs. It was after 12,3456 times of going back and forth to the site, did I realise this is the QUINTESSENTIAL of all accesories of body adornment. Like Mother pucker of All Accesories.

I wanted to save up enough money to buy a set of custom cufflink forsomebody's birthday.. Plan cancelled. It would be so silly for me to splurge RM70 on cufflink for someone who just barked on my face for reasons I can't decipher. No. I do not have a boyfriend. Anyway, the whole week of woofing is a more than solid reason to forget the idea of getting the cufflinks from Mei

And so, I got my attention diverted back to something that amazes me. OK, maybe it doesn't amaze many other people out there. But.. hey!! I dress up in traditionally hand drawn materials to work! How often can I spot my customers in the latest stud bags or body chain? NIL.

It's the perfect edgy accessories for girls who can't live with their skimpy black dress. Like... how else can you dress up those dull black skimpy body baring dress right?

I purposely bought this black toga bodycon....

Just so I can get a body chain =D =D

cun or not!? The toga chain at just RM35!

It's gorgeous!!!! even on mannequin. Can u imagine it worn on a person?

It's like this!!

I am getting one to wear and impress the ah-lians in G6 Club the next time I step in =P
But I am not telling you what designs I will be customising =P
Go get yourself one too! If you are not the creative person, then make it simple and opt for the readily made toga chain. but if you do have something in mind, email that woman and give her your 1001 request. I am sure she can make it for you! =D

Go get your chain in Eff-Bombs now!

Mei, of Eff-Bombs, me and Jac of PrettyDivine

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