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Friday, May 21, 2010

I Want to Pee On Mother Earth

In a few hours time I will be rubbing shoulder with a convention of people in vacuum mask :D
I wonder if they will float themselves to the seats of the conference all the way from the entrance. If they do then it will be a great sight.
I also wonder what does the National Geographic Store sells. Dawn was yapping a lot of sentences when she called to confirm my attendance. Am not very sure if I heard it correctly, but I thikn she was yapping about the store selling clutches ( with faces of extinct tapir perhaps), sling bags (with sights of the dinosaur fossils perhaps) and some morphing giant globe thing that could most probably talk or react. Or glow.
What would you ask when you attend a press conference that basically announces to  the press on the coming Planetary Congress on October 2010.
Dawn specifically says NO to love question. Oh well, that wasn't in my mind anyway.
Besides being keen to see if I can promote my batik to the audience and fellow people in the mask, I only have one curiosity; how does the astronauts pee afloat. I dare not ask Dawn if I can ask. Most probably this is a very common knowledge that I can just google 'astronaut peeing' and I will find the whole wiki-info about it. Most probably with images too.
Anyway, we will know in a few hours time how it goes.. I hope the low-caste camera I have will not humiliate me much. Think I will just make out story about how I was in a rush as I had appointment till wee hours and left home without those gungho picture capturing devices that requires whatever focal / vernacular / watever watever  mode..
As usual I am starting to have this tendency to post a picture of me at the end  of every post. Today I felt like I needed a radical picture. For a sober night. With one glass of mojito in my colon. Only. I must be lacking.

Radical baju kurung. No?

Radical tea-cup dress. I think I am getting the magic bra with a push button to expand.

aiiihh.... I miss wearing saree

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