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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Middle Theory

Pretty much sums up why till now I have yet to reach for the stars in the world of blog-dom.. because I am caught in between few categories.

Of sizes.

Of hotness and trendiness (is this spelling even correct?)

Of quirkiness

An analysis concurred by Sha-Lene
Let's say the average overweight weight is ... 80kgs.
Blondie is uber famous because maybe she's 90kgs.
OneKL is uber famous because maybe she's 45kgs.
There is no famous fashion blogger who is like 65kgs. Yet.



30 Rock had this episode where the average weight girl
became overweight, then became super famous.
Then when she started losing the weight, her ratings dropped.
The producer said, either go skinny or go really big. No in between.


You need to establish your own genre :D

It doesn't seem hard to get all bloated up and not having much clothes that can fit and hence can start moaning how the world would call me Fetty . Being hot and trendy seems more like a day job by itself. Having a dateline to reach a certain kilos by limiting selg to moving grass and fruits. I have a day job ok. Like a REAL day job which requires energy to get stuck in the jam, persuade people to buy, lugging stocks. The only quirky attempt I have ever gone thru would have been the day when I mistakenly wore a pink dangle earring on one side and another gold one on the other side.. Ohh the other day when I try to have a change and wore mini skirt to work, I have people walk me to the exit and watch me from behind -__-

I am still not over with the fact that I have for the SECOND time lost the memory card where I store work documents, and a lil bit of camwhore pics :(  I can't recall if I fling my bag to anyone for self protection and having all my stuff strewn on the floor. Neither are there any holes in my bag. If the car wash man were to have found it in the car, would he not be able to recognise that is just not a chip of dirt?

A staff just found a sick rat sitting drowsily next to my cabinet. It doesn't move despite people aprroaching it. It just sat there squirming / crying / waiting to die whatever. I suspect he must have swallowed my Memory Card and got poisoned..anyway, the rat got disposed and died.

Thrifted orangey dress from MochaLatte, the site that sells to help

I hate to see tomorrow coming. With memory card digested by the stupid rat. Or thrown by the car washer. And still not being famous a blogger....

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