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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

It's Labour Day on a Saturday! Oh what joy! One of those rare Saturday that the office is officially closed. Wahhhhh I have longed for it for so long! But it didn't do me any good anyway. I slept at 5am, woke up at 11.30am only after Jac texted me for the second time to check if I am going for the bazaar in Bangsar. I am officially a bazaar whore :D (applicable to bazaars within my reach of driving and not getting stuck in traffic)

I agreed with what Jac says - bazaars nowadays have turned into a platform for fashionista. With people selling all the fashionable items. How are the grandmas gonna get their stuff? With people dressing up to the max to self-feature themself. The whole ultimatum of a bazaar - to scavenge for cheap thrills and rare items and maybe buy some fresh veges are not what bazaars are today. Where there are fruits and veggies, no clothes are allowed. Where there are clothes and accesories, you can only get artsy cupcakes, and no veges.
Where all food, veges and clothings are allowed, it's the wet market in Pudu.

Did I not mention people go to bazaars to self feature? I think I meant myself..

My Ganesha pendant. I felt truly Indian with it around ;)
Love the electric blue 3 point zip top from Style Influx, but I realise it self deteriorates. Only worn twice and it started to self-destroy by rotting at the seams... brrrrrrr

Shopping bag! Hand drawn! But bad sewing ;(  bought from Jeumpa D'ramo bazaar. Oh well, can't blame them.. amateur college kids. I immediately decided to buy this for the purpose of research. Of something that I plan to do in time to come :D

I think I am slowly finding my artsy self.. In no time most probably I will be ripping my own blouse and gelling my hair to make the word DIVA to stand on top of my head, wear canvas shoes with self drawn arts and attempts on purple lipstick and most probably make some batik corsets to's all peer pressure... and pressure to leave the corporate world ...

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