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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leopards Are Made to Leap

And Sundays are made for camwhoring! Shucks... That's my entire Sunday... gone creating coneheads, slapping instant eyeshadow and clipping falsies.

The usual walk in Gasing Hill today and I have officially utilised my Ipod Shuffle =D
Oh well, I didnt had it uploaded with great songs.. I have Sarah Brightman, Michael Buble - items not suitable to lift up any spirit especially when you are panting and out of breath. But I do not know how the heck do people download songs from the net!!
Ipod courtesy of boss =D

And this is most probably the 4th weeks I have yet to even go and re-proof my post on Pick N Grab 9 in YSK... die la... procrastination is my forte.. and now I have 2 more bazaars and 2 reviews to complete and another half a million sales target to achieve in my day time job. I am seriously looking for keen parties to follow me to Laos and teach English for a living, when I have to think about work =(

Happines faked to the max...
(spot my leopard printed earrings?)

Look at what I have managed to find in my treasure chest box filled with items which I buy online and offline =D
The leopard scarf! Oh well, not like I do not recall buying this..I sort of just took it off th hanger and folded it and placed it in the box like.... 2 days ago.. =P
I love scarf. I love the fanciful folds and tucks and knots you cna do with scarf. And I love to demonstrate the multiple ways of using a scarf. I love doing that to tourist and people who have no idea how to don anything but a blouse and a bra.
But no, I am not demonstrating anything now. Else, for the 12,988th times, I will again be scrutinised for not finishing my sales report... aiihhh

leopard scarf from Beautiful Disaster
studded belt thrifted from RedPatches

handmade gold earrings from  ItsyBeadsy

See how my hair are perky? Ok.. maybe not done up as well.. but hey! I's pretty good considering that I didn't use hair spray and proper combing and good quality bobby pins. Yes, even bobby pins have got quality. Something which I realised after I detach all the pins from my head, all of them are crooked and no longer usable =__=
For tai-tai / datin / diva hair... head on to SUPERMODEL and get yourself a set of Bumpits =D

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