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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Race Worth A Climb

It's the 4th years that I am in pursuant of something in this corner so distant to me.
Yes, I still feel being at one far point from the core of activity.
I have always have this big vision of me helming something after a long climb on the corporate ladder.
I always wanted to sleep for only 5 hours a week and dedicate the rest of my time to this exciting activity called WORK. For someone who does not posses a degree, it is only right that I give in more than those who are armed with, double and triple degrees.

When I went to Laos for a short backpack trip, despite the dusty road which dirtied my face, despite the men who have smaller frame and lack of appeal to me, despite the food being mostly replicas of the western and hor fun, despite having no mall at all, I had the vision to migrate to Laos! (Is that the same term use when u leave a better place for a lesser one?)

I want to plan to settle down in Laos. It's a rather worrisome idea too, as I most probably may not get to go on dates as most of them are monks and novices =D
And I definitely will not be allowed to wear like this!
god-sent plunge top from Clothesbucket
skirt from Cotton On

But I still want to be the ONE in Laos. I have a plan for Laos.
I want to teach English to the novices and kids around. I want to set up an education centre for the young ones. Oh! Laotian too have bateek! But drawn with no commercial value on hem fabrics and fabrics that most probably I won't know what to do with it. And so I have bigger plan for Laos!
I want to commercialize this cottage skills as another source of income. I mean, c'mon, wouldn't they rather be doing something more income-prone than to draw weird stuff on cloths that may not stand the test of time.
I want to rope in the old ladies and impart the fabric drawing skills! And give my 2 cents worth of idea to have their skills put on revenue generating activities, like drawing bateek hankies, shawls, posters, bookmarks, curtains and such =)
And of course the plan isn't stopping yet. Laos is well known as a tourist destination for those ang-mohs who have never seen people living in impoverish state. And having to get big bottle of Lao Beer at 1 USD is also a good catch. We can't let the ang-mohs come, sun bathing, have 100USD worth of beer, do some tubing and leave empty handed. No? Of course no! They need to leave with some souvenirs. Some hand drawn ones to be exact. Hand drawn on practical items, not on weird cloth.
And the plan isn't stopping till now. Someone need to sell these items in a more touristic, friendly way without looking like they are begging from the street and appear in tacky mode.
Remember those little hopeful novices who hope to get some educational back-up for a better living? With those powerful English lesson that I impart to them during their stay in the monastery, they can opt to earn a decent living being sales assistant to promote on items produced by the local women =D
Yes! That's my big plan... and oh!
Another reason why I never did stop hoping to continue pursuing my odissi dance class- I wish to also impart that to the girls in Lao. Though I must say, seeing any girls, or ladies wearing sleeveless is RARE.. let alone on skimpy sarees. (as at NOW, i have yet to continue my search for a new odissi master-ji)

That's my grand plan. Which shall be implemented when I have see the lights. One day.

Datin Sham's word came to my mind again...not having that piece of paper that states what have you scored on some subject may not be the end of the world for anyone as long as they are willing to work for something. To build something on their own. Yes, I am more than willing to work for it. But I need a platform.
I am standing on a very rigid one. As much as I love, I loathe too =(

I always fancy this amazing rat race. But it no longer excite me. Maybe this isn't a path that I want to take for another 20 years down the road. Maybe I am have given up on those hopeful wishes. I don't know. I can't tell.

Well, maybe this is not my climb. After all, till today, despites numerous invites from friends to join them for a day in Skytreks doing ladder climbing and Flying Fox, I have yet to have any guts to say YES.

Tomorrow is another day again.. Haizzz...

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