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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Week

I finally am feeling slightly determined to be healthy and made salad as per what Carrie recommended. Yes, I did not googled up any recipe to whip this up =D

Watched Anugerah Bintang Popular and no, she did not wear the dress that we adorn with lots of diamonds =(

Bought eye lashes!! In preparation for the coming review. Sha-Lene is darn excited to be able to use some technology-driven device to slurp some armpit hair for the coming review and later give a testament =D

Just got to wait and stalk YourShoppingKaki yah!

And out of impulse and long-term desire to own the boob baring top, I have decided to get this PLUNGE top finally!! Before they are all gone!

Plunge top from Clothesbucket
Quite sad the above assets does not belong to me!! Something that I have been longing for! The top! No. The boob to be precise =D

Checked own boobs. Nope. Still stagnant....

OOhh!! I have also been longing for this!! Obviously the Y of the chest is photoshopped =D

And till today I still can't get over this tunic top from Topshop =( 
Why must it be RM184?

You know why is she excited?
Because there will be a bazaar in Ministry of Sound this coming Saturday!!

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