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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Thing About Pole

Have I posted these before? I am so wide awake at 6.23am now that I really do not know what to do. I sketched some designs for office. Sketched some designs for my tee shirt collections too. A total of 12 designs! In one hour *__*

I am still obsessed with owning a pole - stripper pole. Without the stripping act.
Mei said I most probably won't be able to inch myself up not even 2 inches at all!! Hmmphh!! Berani kau!!

This is the pole that Michelle of Supermodels' Secret loaned to me. AM I delighted to have gotten it finally! But I can only pose around near it, at it, by it..

Because this is the only area at home that the pole's height can fit after erection erected. And mom will most probably freak out and later disown me, shall I decide to swing myself wild in front of her praying altar.


  1. dang!
    i want a pole too!!!
    lucky you to be able to loan a pole!

  2. dang....
    i can only stare and not swing on the pole -__-
    ma's not gonna be happy when I give a fly kick to the altar..

  3. awww. such a shame that you can't swing on it.
    but hey, at least you got a pole to stare at! i'd like one too! then i can look at it, stare at it, pose with it, attempt to climb it and fail miserably!
    but hey, all in the name of pole!


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