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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Headband bought from stall in Semua House - RM5!!
Bodysuit - gift
Eyeshadow - Nikita 88 Shimmer Palette from Pafassion

I just woke  up to realise that I am 31 years old this year, not married and no babies to attend to..
Whoa!!! That's worrifying!

I just remembered...
It means my younger cousin is 30 years old, my older cousin ranges from 33 to 45 perhaps, and a lot of those woman in the 30's i met (like Mei Ng!) are still hot and available and not have babies. And are not disturbed by the whole scenario. OK, now I am slightly relieved.

Do you still remember the time when you have just reached teenage-hood and you see a lot of your cousin and friends who have started to go into relationship and pursue a different phase in life by getting married to the guy of their choice and start this life being a wife and a mother later on. I bought that concept of life when I was in my early 20's. It is like the only chronology that any woman should go through and not grow old alone.

I checked my list of things to accomplish.
Now I get it. Why am I still single, HOT and available.
I did not list down getting married in my to do list!!
Get it??? The Law of Attraction - when you want something, you focus on it, and somehow something relevant may come across.
It's like.. I like men, hence I flirt, thence I get men..
But if I like men to get married, hence when I met any men, I would turn motherly, wifey-ly and all sorts to coax that man to sign a pre-nuptial contract and get me a ring and in return I bear him babies :D

Anyway, I have not been attracting any of those..
I don't know if I am to worry or not.
Now I am even lazy to think further.
I had a hard time deciding on KFC or home made salad.....

Pung Sha-Lene! Look at these fabrics I got from Kamdar :P

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