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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Next Best Man After a Boyfriend

..Would be the male hairstylist whom you have turned to once every 2 months to get a trim =)
Something which I just realised when I went over to him for a cut today.
How many men would want to take the effort to soap your hair, give it a good scrub, neck massage for 20 mins or so and not complain (let's not remind about the stylist getting paod for the services).
How many men would get to know you schedule in life and ensure he finishes work on your head on time for you to be able to leave for the next event.
How many men would be at a close proximity - face-to-face to stare at your fringe and carefully snips off stray hair strand by strand just to make sure you have the best cut fringe ;)
How many men would be sensitive enough to run and get you an extra towel and help you rub off the foam he left on your face from his strong stroke of shampooing acts.
And exactly how many men are keen to get you extra cover to cover your legs and another towel to cover you boobs so that he will not be accused of peeping while washing your hair?
I love my shairstylist ;)

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