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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Work Binge

The raya holidays are ending and I am scared. Really scared. Despite having so many nights of no sleep doing something, I have alot more tihngs not done! Sales reports, SOP work flow, planning sheet, forecast reports and designs! NOt really sure why I do designs anyway, but I can't stand there fact that there is no dedicated person in the office doing it and the designs archive are depleting...die die die..

I have been procrastinating alot.. Real LOT..That sometimes I feel that its amazing I am still alive. With no direction. I dreamt too much I think. First I wanted to be an Odissi dancer, making a humble living dancing on stage. Then I wanted to be a pole dancer. Making a glamour living flexing ass on a pole. Then I wanted to migrate to Laos. To teach English to novices, to train villagers to make batik and to teac Odissi when free. And prhaps set up a library under my foundation. Yes. My foundation.
Then.. I realised....
Sales reports are not done.
Sales are not meeting with targets
Commision is almost nil
Staff are creating shitholes at work
And I am still procrastinating!!

3 minutes Boots mask, 3 hours design work

There are talks about ISO certification for the office. Well, there have been talks since wayy back. From the talk, to draft out an ISO log book doesn't seem hard. It's like making a recipe book with all details in order. I can't really talk about my grand master plan in drafting a comprehensive master grand plan for my sales and marketing division and the operation division which I am overlooking. As I am known as the one who does not have a habit in tidying up my desk -__-
But I work best when my desk is in a mess!

I wish if ISO certification allows this phrase : untidiness are allowed at the boundary of one's desk / room / cubicle as long as it not hazardous

There is a lot of things in my mind now and blogging about random stuff is merely a way I reduce stress from overthinking or overeating :(

Jean Paul Gaultier perfume - cute!
Turquoise and lime green bangles - perfect as camwhore accessories
All items courtesy of boss' trip to Paris
Am waiting to dig my hands into the RM600 each books from Emilio Pucci and Hermes :D

Some loots from Bangkok (not the Lancome!) which I am addicted to

Mess, real mess.....

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