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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sejahat-jahat mat rempit dan samseng yang tak berpelajaran jahat lagi mereka yang terlebih pendidikan
That is what I would define the group of properly educated people who murdered cosmetic millionaire, Datok Sosilawati Lawiya. If it was another story of the poor people doing evil to earn some bucks to meet some ends,  we may just go 'Oh, well, it's OK, that's how low those thief / buggers are'. But masterminded by a lawyer - A Lawyer and his Doctor brother for God sake, may have proved that education, never guarantee a good person. You can learn Pendidikan Moral, Agama, Tatatertib and whatever that the syllabus can come out with, but that does not mean that it will lead to a better person in real life.

I have no problems memorising the 16 values in the Moral Education, but what the heck, I still swear and openly wishes that some of those people I meet burn in hell faster than I can fart. That I do not deny =P
No one is abstained by some evil thoughts once in a while. I had  alot of evil thoughts about my mom, but I have never had the guts to implement it. Perhaps because, at the end of the day, I have not attained enough education to make a solid decision to start strategising on some lengthy plan that will make my life a better one? No?

I don't know. And I don't think I am that visionary to mastermind any plans yet. Like that Lawyer with a title. But I am pretty adamant that in a small corner of every human being, there must be at least an inch of compassion that we can extract out and spread out to full use? No?

It isn't really much about religion to me. I have no idea what my religion taught me to be honest. Because I just do not understand the Sanskrit and the difficult English words which appear strange to me! Despite that, I still respect my religion as it is. because I am sure a religion exist for a reason. It may not be a reason for me, but I am sure it is a a reason for some other people.

The point is, we human are sometimes too absorbed with wanting to reach to this particular level in our life that sometimes we forgot. We forgot that life is more than just being the rich and famous one with titles in front and behind your name. That life doesn't just involve us, me and you, us and our friends, our families only. That life is not really a guaranteed bet just because you have life time insurance policy bought since the age of 12. That you have properly educated your kids to be someone one day.

There just seems one too many things that we have imparted in our To-Do List in order to achieve the ultimatum of our own life and style. That we forgot. We have put aside compassion. Just because we did not see, nor ponder further than the yard of our neighbour's home.

For all you know, you are the cause of your neighbour's depression as you constantly self praises your own daughter that the financially inadequate neighbour of yours felt that she have failed as a person, a mother to raise her daughter who had to leave her studies and start working just so tey can sustain their living in todat's demanding society.

And while you are busy chasing the latest Birkin bags by spotting celebrities in it, many of those girls / woman of your age are most probably blogging about their happiness in finally saving enough money to buy a decent working bag from Tesco.

Life isn't always fair. The one who felt that they do not have enough will always envy the one who had more than enough. The one who seems to have enough to feed the whole of Somali feels that it will forever not be enough. The theory of supply and demand keeps rising with an undetermined inflation rate.

When will enough be enough? When you have none, then you worked for it, then would you have enough? When you have enough, or more than enough, what do you do? Would you put a stop?

All the people from the different walks of life plays a part in building us. That would be you and me and the other woman over there. And also the uncle who is attempting to pee in the lift. Again! It is about being able to empathise, to understand, to accept and to adapt. Perhaps to also be grateful. A learning curve comprises the ability to empathise, to understand, to accept and to adapt if you ask me. Otherwise, why would it be a curve? It would have been a straight road if all these factors are excluded and you only walk ahead without acknowledging the bumps in front.

By now ... I am not sure what am I trying to tell.. As I would have forgotten my earlier content =D
The point is - sometimes I do personally feel that to be yourself, to know yourself, you just need to be with yourself. And get to know your Enough.  Enough in thoughts, in saying, in action. In life, generally.

And only when you have had Enough of yourself, then you may or may not have a better understanding of your path and the path ahead. And when you have had enough of yourself, stop. Look around. Perhaps share the enormous enough-city contained in you with others. 

Back to the murder of Datok Sosilawati, whom I do not know, but I do know her house is damn luxe-looking. I just do not see the point of the murderer. A man with a proper education, with respectable profession, and a whole plot of land, plotted such grand plan only to turn into a grandfather piece of crap by getting caught in less than 2 weeks.

Dear Lawyer with a title, your plan is not grand. If I were you, I would kill 2 birds with one stone. You should just woo her, get married, and share wealth. She may not give you the wealth that easily. But you can always try 'nasi kangkang' method. Than to go burn her.

Now, when you are convicted for all your doing despite having so much more education than me, my neighbour and the uncle who keep pee-ing in the lift, you will most probably get stuck in lokap. With no money, no sex and no BMW.


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