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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Lame-ness

These are the only pictures I managed to snap in Chic Pop - 6th installation =D
It's been a while that I have been going to any bazaar for a free and easy stroll and need not help Mei in selling her badges =P

And I managed to come home spending only RM2 for parking and bought nothing ;)
It was another great session of bazaar organised, with a big mouthful of vintagey people and stuff in granny floral dress and polaroid cameras on their neck and not to miss mentioning those fedora hats!

It wasn't a plan trip to drop by to the bazaar. After spending more than an hour waiting for an emblem in Pertama Complex (with lots of weird smelly men and handphone stalls) and spent a lil bit of moolah in Reject Shop ( and still can't get anything for mum.I don't know what to get her!) and later having to head back to office with an aching hand only to see the box is still under construction at 2.00pm, trying to beat the jam to get to PJ and get myself into a crowded massacre of vintagey people just doesn't seem to be a relaxing after-work Saturday..

I guess to be out somewhere is way better to be rotting at home with an idle mind which may lead me to further depression and body ache from extreme Facebooking -__-
And I have been eyeing this pair of shoes from peep for some time and it would be great for me to hop into the bazaar and see if they have it there today.. And they DO!! Somehow I wasn't thrilled despite having a good fit of the shoes. Because I read the newspaper before I went to the bazaar.. And under the Cancer horoscope reading, it clearly stated ' You need to look into your finances' WTF... -__-" gilababi.....

skanky! I like!!

And so I made 3 rounds in that small lil bazaar and Mei asked me 3 times to help her out and for all 3 times I thought she was joking and I left uninformed =P  Sorry! I thought it is a JOKE mah....

My usual Saturday are spent in Starbucks Pearl Point Hotel, as I need to wait for mum -__-
And the lady barrista asked if I was the guest Blogger for YSK <3 <3  ahahahahaha, I felt so famous suddenly! Of course she didn't give me discount or free whip cream onto my blended green tea..... that's not the point anyway!

I love the online community a lot! People sort of know each other without really having to know each other. If you get what I mean. It's not really about being famous or what.. But it's about knowing someone you do not know but you actually knew them virtually and when you see them it's like you actually know them!! It's a complicated theory. But for sure it won't apply when you see a celebrity who do not know you r your whereabout and have no common issues with you except for the fact that you are enriching their life by condoning to whatever that they are promoting, be it skills, arts or self.

But in this fabulous world of girls being online, we are  all connected to ONE big issue - FASHION.  There are those that you are bound to hate their sense of dressing, and there are those who you simply adore (from far only how I love Shantee's style of dressing! =P ) And I would so recognise her if I were to see her stranded in the middle of the road amongst a row of makciks attempting to cross the road. ;)

Again, I do not know what is the whole point of this post. Serious. I just feel like writing something.
I guess it's the start of a year and I am still searching everywhere and try to settle my attention on things I wanted to do - that is to write hence the 'seems-like-I-typed-a-lot-but-not-much-meaning' need to bump a post =P

Some of the loots on Saturday!

Chiffon Triangular Kaftan from Reject Shop - below RM20 wei!

was deciding between this..

and this
Chose this finally, in any case if t here is a need for some tangerine feel for Chinese New Year
Reject Shop for RM8 wei!

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