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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Am Simply Not That Kind

Am one person who is never too ashamed or too worried on talking about the story of my life.
Simply because, I take it as a story seen in TV.
And who knows when I do become famous, I will have a written history of what I have gone through in life.
A chapter closed in life is the door to another chapter soon to be opened ;)
(now I feel like crooning some Taylor Swift's songs!)
And after every chapter closes, I realises that I become bolder, stronger and look at life at a hotter level! =D

Today, 2 hours before I started writing my this particular chapter, I had a relationship ended! hehehhe
I try to be sad, but I find it funny and definitely a story to share to all u male and female out there.
Life isn't that bad after all when your road came to a halt, or you hit into a bump. Or.. some silly people cross path with you =D

So a cuckoo came into sight on the eve of X'mas which I assume was a gift from Santa.
He Came, He Saw and He Conquered.
I Saw, I Smiled, and I Went With the Flow.
So there were 12,3645 of text messages which jammed up my  hand phone with stories of love and devotion more than Taylor Swift can take up, elated dinner with not much current issues but more on love and devotion again, I was pressed for an answer into committing!
Disguising as a bankrupt cuckoo with screwed up life and 5 days later to claim that he is one succesful cuckoo businessman is just way too much for me to accept in a normal manner. I did not LOL.. nor did I weep as I may have missed a  chance in being a Datin!

And at the end of the revelation, I was deemed a person with dry jokes ( I thought my post were funny!) and too strong in character ( well, I have a career, and I manages) and immature ( I didn;t order Happy Meal ok!!)

I have not much sensation and thought about losing a succesful businessman (but slightly cuckoo) who may ask my hand for marriage. What I can't understand is how do I project myself as immature when I have a strong independant character?
It took me a while to put in a few examples to ponder. I can't figure or give any example of any successful people who is strong in character while being immature. I am wondering if he meant bed room immaturity!!!  =D

End of the pondering session, I would like to officially end this cuckoo episode by mourning in sadness and perhaps shed some tears, pretending that I have broken up, but all that I could tell myself is that I am very lucky to be saved from getting into further cuckoo session with a cuckoo who claims to be successful but disguising as a bankrupt and not able to handle a hot, independant woman like me. That must be some kind of easy business he is dealing with.. Even grocery owner ( u call that a business man too rite?) have to deal with  sickly irritating aunties ok!?

Yeah, till now I can't decipher which part of the story is true. But it doesn't matter..
As I always believe, people meet for a reason. We cross each other path to learn and to grow.
And I always grow.. HOTTER than before =P
And each of these stupid episode only make me a stronger person who will wake up the next day with more energy to work, flirt and live life.. Because I managed to have another episode! ;)

Did I tell you I just grew hotter? =D

Perhaps it sounds like I am self consoling, but I also do not see the reason to weep.
I believe in fate and that everything that happen must be for a reason. In this instance, I supposed the Lord up there too felt that it is hilarious and it's about time to end it for me before I get too immersed in this insanity.

I must admit though it is never easy to understand me. After all, I am one 31 years old fiesty 'girl' who have a wonderful but stressful job, and at the same time have the time and energy to mingle with a bunch of uni girls and online acquaintances going ga-ga over dresses and jumpsuits and loiter in flea market and bazaars on weekends in weird clothing.

Those who don;t know me, most probably will never know me.
And those who know me, you simply adore my guts rite!? =D

Dear sir,
I can't do much if you insist on a soft spoken, devoted, loving and caring wife who does nothing but to bake u scones..
Perhaps as suggested, you can import one from the village of Labis or Batu Pahat.
My momma ain't wealthy enough to make me sit at home and learn to talk in soft spoken voice only to wait for you to ask for my hand.
And I am deeply sympathised you are traumatised with how strong in emotion I am in handling fickle, emotionally weakling like you ;)
I think.... perhaps you should look for a drug addict.
Because they are normally fragile and soft spoken (high mah!)

No wonder today I felt so good about myself that I have to show u to prove it!

damn! I sure do not look devastated! O.o

I was inspired to write about this so immediate when I heard taylor Swift crooning and I had my own lyrics too!! =D

Am not the kind of girl
Who will dug my head lower than your shoulder height
But you
Am not the kind of guy
Who should be giving lectures
Cus u simply are cuckoo

Am not the kind of girl
Who will serve you tea and cupcakes
In an altered voice
Depicting Nobita and Sizuka
Cus I am not as snotty
and not as dodgy as you

I do have a lot of dreams,
Cus I am young, hot and living life
Are simply old, mad and fickle minded piece of log
that you scared the shit out of me and most probably my neighbour

Don't say that Im immature,
when your master grand plan was easy to decipher
and ended as a laughter
to me, my friend and all online readers :P
wooooooo, oh wooooo

my cuckoo acquaintance..
take some time to retire
and decide if u gone bankrupt or went succesfull
either way, u're really joker of the year,
thank you for the entertainment provided in my post!


The moral of the story is, be yourself at all times, because not everyone is good at making up stories and live thru it
And when you have a silly scripted story like the above, for all you know, you have screwed up your very crucial opportunity. Be it in relationship, work or live.

I am one transparent person who finds it hard to keep myself to myself :)
Of course, when I felt lazy and decided to skip an hour off work, that I will need to make a good script =D
But I simply do not condone to silly idea as the cuckoo above who went by the reason that he was trying to test the other end her this case, MINE

Well, my cuckoo..
Read my lips lyrics
I am that sincere about you wacko!


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