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Thursday, January 27, 2011

That Blazer

This is a gruelling week .... =( Never in my life had I been thru anything as painful as what I am feeling now.. Now not the broken heart part.. but the back ache and souring shoulder blade yelling to be chopped off from the body.. According to a  doctor friend, there could be a possibility I sprained my neck or I may have 'spondylosis' OMG! Whatever sponge is that, please leave me alone!! I hate the smell of hospitals and the quietness in it.. though hospitals nowadays are fully equipped with Dome and Starbucks further siphon more money from the sick bats...

I tried all methods to stop the pain

Mei said to plaster my last 2 fingers. With surgical tape.. which I don't have

Still don't have

And nothing works! With an addition to another session of physiotherapy in Pantai where it's all conversation with minimal action

RM5 gold plated ball whatever sticker from Daiso

Mei and I decided to spend the day off from Thaipusam thronging The Curve and Ikea, in hope to get some pussy willow (for her). We ended up forgetting about pussy willow and got loads of stuff to wear =D

Vintage weird top from enspired which I didn't get. Pretty much looked like something I could sew

There wasn't much to see in Enspired, except for a stall that sells Japan vintage apparels! Woot! Vintage is dorky ok. But vintage is Japan is sometimes precious. Japan is one of the more established fashion hub. That we can't deny. Having said that, the Japs too are very particular with quality. Whihc is good! Because whatever that they may want to throw and turn into vintage will normally be good in quality too. Not to mention trendier ;)
Yup, junk is good sometimes!

Vintage houndstooth blazer. Notice the titanium necklace? RM5 from Daiso! =P
Yeah, I am cheap..

With organza trimming wei!

tassled lapel :)

cun! those small lil details ;)

The above were a bit outdated as it happened a week ago =P
As at now, I am still in pain.. To add to it, my blood pressure is also high 163/83 
Can you beat that?
The signs of aging - back pain, hi blood pressure..
Barely a week to Chinese New Year, I think....A celebration that I dreaded more than being stuck in a jam.
The most dreaded mandarin orange exchange season!! And being forced to eat cookies and drink fizzy drinks.. AArghh it scares me just to think that the dreaded period is coming annually to haunt me ;(

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