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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Everyone wants to go somewhere tonight.
In search for the free firework show that will be displayed around town.
I always wonder what do people feel when they see the burst of bright lights purring on the jet black sky.
Because they will lift their head high up and radiate a contented smile, while some would waste the megabytes of their camera phone capturing those man made light works.
I wonder if those RM50,000 per 10 minutes show of fireworks do bring changes in life of those watching it..
Do you feel liberated? Is tomorrow a better day? Did youor boyfriend kneel down and proposes?
What do you do with videos of the fireworks you recorded? Do you make a MTV out of it? Or perhaps as screensaver to your computer?
I will usher another year at home... trying my best to reminisce of the better years. And nothing came out of the recollection -__-
I am not sure if there is something not right with me, or this is just a very common situation faced by a lot of hot, single and available lass with a normal life...
Was supposed to go out with some gay friends and watch firework O.o
Ironic rite? There I was yapping about how lame is firework watching and here I am thinking about going out and watch it with some gay friends. Anyway, am not going. I am worried if they plan to go to the gay club, I will be an outcast (though I secretly have a crush on Ellen DeGeneres)

What do people do 2 hours before the year ends and another new year come rushing in?
I think it is a bit lame for one to be stuck at home and blog. With a mere RM40 in the wallet and tuning in to VMA.

The only consolation I can give myself would be to of course talk about more positive issues - like how I always feel that I am equally as hot as any of you girls there.
Yeah, it's very important for me. because being a girl / woman, there is nothing important than being hot in all shapes and sizes. Brains are important, but no one knows you got one till your hotness opens the door for you.

That leads me to next year resolution.. to be hotter!!! than every years before!

 ASOS Elasticated Mesh Bodysuit
Cotton On skirt


I want to be a FIREWORK for 2011! =D

Happy New Year .. watever...

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