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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Late Nite Discovery Channel

Suet Mun says:
 me and felix wants to plan a trip to gay club
Sailormoon says:
 i wanna go!!!!
Suet Mun says:
 and do wat
Sailormoon says:
 ive always wanted to see the inside of a gay club!!
Suet Mun says:
 later ur mom kill me
Nimrod says:
 hello wat r u talkin about
Suet Mun says:
 i heard it smells of sperms
 tho i duno how sperms smells like
Sailormoon says:
 i wouldnt know what sperm smells like

Suet Mun says:
Sailormoon says:
 if its like fish
 maybe it smell like ikan bilis?
 ikan bilis that is wet?
Suet Mun says:
 u mean like salty?
Sailormoon says:
 u mean like salted fish?
 i dunno

 maybe depends on the food the guy eats

Nimrod says:
 v much dependant on what they eat
Sailormoon says:
 so before doing anything
 make him eat flowers
 or stuff that smells nice
Nimrod says:
Sailormoon says:
 like cookies and pastries

Sailormoon says:
 all sperm is white
Suet Mun says:
 green toad
Sailormoon says:
 or transparent maybe
 lets google
Nimrod says:
 not necessarily
 depends on how concentrated it is

Suet Mun says:
 u think it has got eyes?
Sailormoon says:
 its not exactly like ikan bilis
 its just a cell
 with a tail to swim

How can you not have friends of all diveristy and inquisitiveness?


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