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Friday, December 28, 2012

Small Worm Big Sea

I can't bring myself to wrap up the year. I don't think I have that much of an achievement, enough to wrap it up and end it with a big red bow.
Now that the world did not shatter in front of our eyes, I am actually worried about what's going to be in front. 
Have you ever wondered how would it be if you are left on your own to fend for your own life? Having to lose your loved ones and those closer to you.
Does each of us human need a pillar of strength?
Do people actually suffer from emotional battle just by having themselves feigning each day on their own?
I have too much concern.
I have too many question.

I don't know just how much time am I left with.
I think not too much though.

Spent so much time on doing nothing solid today at work. 
I rephrase.
I spent too much time this past 2 days at work doing almost nothing.
I guess there isn't much to life except to being alive...

Like a big blue ocean of nothingness..

Inspired from Nefera de Nile of MonsterHigh

Pictures are just lame fillers.
Today.. suddenly the social media platform just doesn't appeal anymore.
I think I am letting go of the white lace dress that I initially wanted to use for a meaningful day.
There really isn't a point to keep a white lace dress for another 2 more years only to see that it has changed to creamy yellow tone.
2 years seems like forever. 
I don't even know if mum will be alive by then.
I don't even know if I will be in one piece by then.
It's too long. Just too long to try holding on to something.
Like waiting for the worm to float up the big blue ocean....

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