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Sunday, December 9, 2012

That Choice

I had a choice.
To go to the kopitiam downstairs and get lunch fixed for a mere RM7.
But I think I will settle for the left over of food in the fridge - soggy briyani and even more soggy pickled cucumber. There's some sausages in the freezer to pop into the briyani too.

I found an umbrella under the blanket just as I was puling the blanket to sleep.
I woke up with this irritating vibrating noise from my back. The old phone was furiously in alarm mode, snuggling directly on my back bone. I wonder if I had enough radiation for the night.

There's a cup - with some water left in it. I spotted the cup past 2 weeks. or could it be 3 weeks?
On my work table, next to a box of makeup brushes, in front of an empty tissue box and besides an empty yogurt bottle, sitting on top of a stack of post office bills. There's still water in it. I though hydration normally takes place in such condition. No?

Some vendor is sponsoring me this. Because I enquired to purchase. Sheer luck.
Always wanted a pet. I guess a synthetic leather one would be great. Doesn't poo, doesn't cringe. Most probably would end up snuggly directly on my spine.

Got Michelle this for RM1.90. For reasons unknown. Just thought it's a pretty thing to be valued at RM1.90 and you see some loose-cracks selling it for RM25 somwhere else. It's cheap, X'mas is near, oh well.. 
I am a bad friend. because she got me a laptop table and more stuff which I have to multiply with RM1.90 for many many times... I vow to be a better person and hopefully I be able to serve the entire nation. soon...

Some art studio is sponsoring me this too. No. I am not Jasmine and Adam is not my guy. I mean this kinda doodle / caricature. I think I am gonna keep this and later blow it up to A0 size as a wedding picture that people put up in front of their bed - in case I seriously can't afford any wedding portraits. And in case I DO get married. Project thrifty mode..
Doodling services from Black Milk Studio

It's a Sunday noon already. And those work files is still in the weaved bag. I don't know. I just do't know just how many hours a day do I need. I seriously thought I managed my time, life and everything well.
And I gotta leave for another review session incouple of hours - for reasons I have yet to know. Let it be fame, if it must. 

The soggy briyani just turned soggier after steaming it, with 3 sausages on top. 
I hope I don't get diarrhea..

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