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Friday, November 30, 2012


Could have never gotten easier nowadays.
I wanted to vent out a lot of fume, but am left with none after days of crisis.

As much as I hate facing these difficult times at work I would like to assume I have gotten better in handling issues. I can't be a diplomat or a negotiator yet, but I am getting somewhere. It's stressful.
Damn a lot of humiliation when you fail to deliver what has been promised and all one can do is to send a smirk over the phone in explaining the cause of the problem.

I also see that many wants to find the one to blame. before deciding on how to solve.
When a house is on fire, do you insist on knowing what happen first or saving the lives of those in the house?
Unfortunately, many choose to stand in existence and yell out 'What  happened?? What happened? Who lit the fire?' and the mystery remained unsolved.

Its not that difficult to solve, but what if everyone is to be blamed?
For not strapping the curtain so that it will not fly and caught fire on the candle at the table top?
The wind for being wind and blowing the curtain.
The table for being a support for the candle at that suitable location
The curtain for being so light and easily blown.

Now, it is almost over.
Leaving some remnants of hiccups that I hope to be able to rectify.
Hoping to carve the situation according to the mould of my hand.
And hoping to at least salvage what is left, and leaving with a solid footprint of excellence.
Perhaps I should  not be too confident.
But I shall continue hoping to be on the right track.

One more day before this pretty midget goess off the discount trolley ;(

I don't think I am curvy enough with a beer belly, but da heck.. I shall go forward

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