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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today the beautician told me I have started to develop fine lines - a nicer term to describe wrinkles ;( ;(
It's really not fun being on this side of life - as a woman. 
When you are in the 20s you worry about not getting hitched. When you do get hitched, you worry about not being fertile enough to produce. When you do get hitched and able to produce, you worry that you body shape will resemble that of a big blob of amoeba and lose out to other svelte ameoba out there - and eventually losing the husband to them.
So you try to juggle everything in order to achieve this nirvana of being Cleopatra of all women - to have an eternal or the very least, prolonged youthful period in a body that ages as fast as you can fart.
And you can't really stop the lines from forming on your face, the cellulite making a statement on the thigh, ass and arms.
And when you are in the working force, especially where your outlook play an important part, there are  more concern on how your display yourself, the worry of having a non-elastic face, and non-glowing set of eyes that will turn off any prospective clients into buying whatever that you are selling. OK, I've seen people who doesn't have these concern and are having all this issues on them and still be able to market, but that's because they have 150% of confidence and 300% of thick-skin and self-absorbed quality which can kill the rest of other defining factors - something that I don't think I have. And I definitely despise showing off the sillhoutte of a sagging boobs underneath the fitted top and causes everyone to have the impression that I failed to do what a woman should do - wear a proper bra! OK totally irrelevant.

There really isn't a defined definition of perfect - you are as perfect as you can accept yourself.
That is most probably the only consolation I can tell own self. 
Now I just got to go search for cheap eye cream and get the lines solved - I hope.

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