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Saturday, December 15, 2012

In The Centre again...

December is a month of picture taking. Not talking about standing under some X'mas grand decor in some highly publicised mall taking picture kinda picture taking.
As long as you get stuck with Sha-Lene, you get pictures taken. That kinda picture.

I am proud to have own these freaking higher-than-heaven 6-7-8 inches heels ;)
Color-blocking suede pink/black Heels - The Agape Boutique
Blue Glitter Heels - The Fashion Barrage
Black Suede Heels - The Agape Boutique
Short legs - yours truly
Assortment of leggings - Aishop

I am a distorted UK12 to UK14 and sometimes I can even do a fake UK10.
At all time I envision myself in either nothing or in the tightest of bodycon dresses.
Maybe God is fair. He didn't give me that UK8-10 body that I have always wanted. Else, I won't be sitting here, in my dirty damn room, on a Saturday afternoon with nothing much to do but to write crap.
If I am a UK8 ;
- I would be out FLIRTING. I am still a flirter now, juts not as bold.
- I would be out bra-less. (wait, this has got nothing to do with size of body, but size of boobs only)
- I would be doing a boudoir shoot in nothing or in some lil' g string bikini
- I would have to work damn alot harder than now to finance my fashion addiction cus then I will need lots of dresses and accessories and make up.

Now that I am still HERE, in a state of being nowhere and maybe sometimes people call it 'in-the'middle' of the thin people and the plus size people, I am left.... UNDEFINED.. wtf
It's like being some under-developed woman with no direction in life. Shall I go thin? Shall I go big? But seems like I ain't getting anywhere but in between liddat...
It's so easy to go big - just gotta laze  more and eat more, but seriously, given a choice,
It takes a lot of determination to go thin or let's call it healthy normal size (not to say the rest are abnormal) , because it means no more food at night? Cannot snack? Cannot accept free food at anytime of the day? Spend time on working out like a cow? As if working hard in office is not enough to torture that little of life left.

At this point of writing, it seems to go nowhere.. but stuck in the centre again... phuckkk..

Now that I am still a UK12 ;
- I still buy lots of bodycon dresses (can't help it, a born bitch who need to flaunt)
- I still think I look hot and awesome like that..
- I still camwhore like a fashionista
- I am working equally hard to finance my fashion and beauty addiction ( erm.. like so irrelevant..)

Wah.. this post is getting nowhere ..
I guess I gotta suck it up and still live like a UK12 that I am lor... just hotter and better version only ;)
All attire from Aishop

bwwaarrrr!!!!  check the thick waist ;(

All attire from Aishop except for my Asos Aztec bodysuit  >.<

great heels, fat thigh, bloated tummy - but still hot
great heels, short legs, bloated tummy - but still hot
great heels, fat chin, bloated tummy - but still hot
ala Hongkie 'bery-good-job-done' ending to the shoot with the Aishop team

If I am a UK8, corset would be a daily staple and worn with the shortest of shorts or mini skinny skirt >.<
But because I am a UK12 and not very sociable, corset would be my fetish collection to showcase during camwhore session - in my small lil damn messy room.
And so, with a mind that turn insane looking at these super sexy-I-wish-I-can-pop-half-a-boob-out corset, I was RM200 ringgit poorer. Could have feed a small village with bubur lambuk or bubur kosong with RM200 ;(

The  best picture captured for December 2012 

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