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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Safi Beauty Cream

Ever since I have discovered the cheaper alternative to this 'SP Cream' from Wangi, I have never stop trying the different types available in the drugstore. I first started with the Safi Balqis Perfect 10 valued at RM7.90 with a 10% discount from Watson.
Of all that I have tried this is the best so far.

Safi Balqis Perfect 10 Beauty Cream

During those period of using the first tub of Perfect 10.

It really does give a fairer and more even complexion. It works great as a base before the application of foundation or in my case, BB Cream. One small tub last for more than 3 months based on my daily application =D  Super economy!

As I finished the first bottle, I thought of trying other range, thinking that maybe a GOLD one would give me the suppleness. I got the Safi Rania Gold @RM10.90 (if not mistaken) but with discount as usual, if yo buy from the pharmacy ;)

Don't like the texture for this Gold version. Super sticky and oily. A few friends started to follow suit after seeing me yapping about the goodness of beauty cream. 2 of them bought the gold version one. One can't take the greasiness and have breakouts after that. The other one is loving it on her slightly dry skin. 
I guess now you know. Beauty cream doesn't really have an indication whether its for oily or dry skin. It is after all for general beauty, like that ever famous Hazeline Snow cream that god knows whatever it is for =D

Later on I was tempted to try different ones since the Gold doesn't really suit me. So I got the Safi Beauy Cream with the green cap - that claims to have 'lidah buaya'. As this is not a proper beauty review, I won't bother to explain what's lidah buaya =D

The green cap one was OK. Better than gold but not as good as the blue cap Perfect 10. As I am using as a make up base, so there isn't much to comment about. As long as its non greasy then I am fine. but I do nothing that it's hard to spread the cream on evenly. Which could be due to the fact that the skin is not fully hydrated. Most of the time I am in a rush, so all beauty stuff would have to seep in FAST!! As I slap on fast too, without ample time for it to sit in. Which may result in unevenness when slapping on the cream and warming it over the face. 

I noticed in the pharmacy that the stock for a particular Safi beauty cream is always low in stock - the yellow cap one. With some different ingredients but I forgot >.<
Hence I purchased that too when I finally spotted only one more tub left.
It's almost the same as the green cap one in terms of stickiness and evenness when warming onto  face. 
It's slightly easier to slather on. Perhaps this time I make sure that other moisturiser and what not have settled in before slapping on more  stuff. 

When any of these cream are warmed up nicely on the skin by gently pressing your hands onto the face, it pretty much gives you a smoother platform to put on your foundation or BB cream.

I am not very certain on how the cream have benefited me much. After all it is only a mere RM7 per tub. but I think in general it has slightly corrected my uneven skin tone very lightly in the long run. And true to what my Malay girlfriend who uses it since high school to prevent pimples, in a way I did notice the lessening of pimples popping out.

This is definitely going to be in my beauty list for all time.
And who says locally produced goods are no good?  O.o

Before the beauty cream was made known to me

Now that I have used the Safi range of Beauty Cream

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