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Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Give Away!

Whoa, there are so many opportunities to win something (depending on your luck factor) if you stay up all night long and go blogstalking. I haven't been properly sleeping for the past 3 days and stalked so many blogs!

Sabina, the make up addict is giving away free make up in appreciation of her 100th followers =D
And here is the chance for all make up addicts or amateur to start wishing to win it! Look at those Barry M dazzle dust!

I can already envision how glamour I can be in these! Dazzling!

Barry M dazzle dust in a very low dazzling resolution =P
I want!!

The whole loot waiting for you!

Head to her blog, learn some tricks in make up and don't forget to join the contest :)
Read more HERE!

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