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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Half of January gone!

All my weekend are spent on napping. Waking up and nibbled on some biscuits and nap again.
Then it's back to the work station.

I do think hard.
I seriously do.
Why the hell am I not able to finish up any work ever?

Took half a day off.
Cancelled that half day.
Forgot someone coming for interview.

Wanted to sew a doll's dress for my lil' monsters.
E mails, text messages keep coming.
Request, instructions. pleas

Thought I need to pen down all work in the to-do list.
Stretched till March 2015.
It's only Jan 2015 now.

I am slowly phasing out from human interaction.
Sometimes I wish I had someone to talt to.
To rant, gossip without the political intent to kill
To tell stories of stupidity and to ignite some determination.

I have been avoiding making proper sentences over here
Cus it may not end
I haven't been to YSK for the past 2 weeks
I wonder if the domain still exist

I am tired
Just tired
Without even a full stop
no, i am not kidding


how's my impression as the FLOM?


  1. Come.. My ears are open for u... Better to talk then to keep to urself and suffer la...


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