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Sunday, January 4, 2015


I just had to rant this out.
I wanted to do this on my Facebook wall, but then the risk of getting a warning is high XD

Its 1am now and am in my nook preparing 2015 sales forecast and projection.
Nothing much to project anyway because 2014 was really sucky and 80% of my time is spent on things I couldn't identify at work.

I needed to get some data to do this shit.
I have no data :/
I don't know where to start.

So I started to ponder why didn't I get any datas when everyone is having it.
It brings me back to this place that I really hate.
Maybe not the place, but you people!
Yes, you people who have contributed to my depression.

When all your faces appear in my mind, my stomach gets bloated.
My arms are hurting.
I don't know how long my jaw can stand from sending out fake smiles and acknowledging your presence.

Anyway, I am going to leave all nitty gritty of your work to yourselves. All I want this year in the office is to ward off all you people from my life.
I have diverted too much from the realm that I want to achieve. It's going no where. I am not blaming any of you.
It was me. It was me who have ignited these hurt onto myself by taking the negative potion out of your group of people.

Starting afresh, I just hope to gain back my momentum and not to be immersed into the cultures that all of you have cultivated.
No, not me. I don't belong to these typical culture derived from this particular area of the country.

OK, I am done and now back to work!

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  1. 2015 must be positive liao, be happy although i am not really happy, just try loh~ all the best in your work!!!


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