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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Patheticism to Your definition

dang..... I can't be filling up my blog with grievances on work and life..

Friday nite was just another nite. It took only a second to realise i don't really have a life.

Was supposed to go out for a nite of clubbing, before someone decided to cancel it and head for some commercialised japanese buffet spread that claims to offer free-flow of alcohol. I am not sure if it was free flow of the anti-oxidant ocha, the some cheap wine. Which I decided to say no to. I aint gonna be happy drinking while seeing bunch of locals rushing to the counter everytime the waiters bring out some fresh oysters.

And the group of friend have shrank tremendously for me to gather enough members for activities in the evening. Some have got curfew to be back home before 11pm. Some have moved out of the metropolitan to the ever distant retirement district. And some keep yapping about how girls shouldn't be drinking.

And so, I ended up staying at home. Both Friday and saturday nite :/


And it's already a SUnday afternoon at the time I continued writing.

Why is time never enough for everything?? I only needed some time to finish reading the newspaper which I piled in the room for the past couple of weeks.

I only needed a couple of hours to do some database searching so I can have enough numbers to make cold calls and sell some batik.

I only needed a 90 minutes break to watch some lame and homely matinee on a Sunday afternoon.

I only needed another 120 minutes to be able to post something in the blog to keep soberism at bay.

What about another half an hour for some cheap self pampering before I turn into an aged Yoko Ono at this tender age of mine?

I needed another 4 hours for the weekend hike to include travel time and lunch time.

I need maybe half a day to write some proposals, read some marketing books, and perhaps do something to trigger the long-dead intellect in me.

And so I am now at home, watching a matinee, while posting, while shopping online, while retrieving database, while reading the paper during advert time and making up the calorie burning hiking act by taking laxative.


it's amazing eh, how all this images brings no effect to smokaholics.. eh, not me !

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