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Sunday, August 30, 2009


sibet sien-irritating-fund consuming campaign

The One for All and All for One campaign is everywhere!!! Its kinda irritating to see that the prepaid cash card, the MTV, the short play, the banners and buntings and even recipes are promoting / tapping on this blardi sickening gimmick.

If I have to comment, I think there should be a mascot to personify the all this hoo-haa.. a mascot that the society is able to feel at ease with, and are widely recognised irregardless of the diversity of our culture. An icon that is synonym to our daily living.

mating slugs

Nope, not the slugs.. btw, these are mating slugs which most probably have taken hours ejaculating and dispose off slimy organic protein substance, which most probably some business savvy students may process it into some BB cream :P

Unfortunately we are also not the mating baboon, although whenever u flip thru the newspaper there are plentiful of stories about grandpa poking their dicks still healthy organs into some kids yet-to-blossom holes. Also old granny got raped before being robbed off their last gold chain. But baboon is still not the perfect personification to reflect the muhibahism in us.
I would like to nominate the big, fat filthy and rather popular animal to reflect the ONE in us.


When the Meley beh tahan those Cina people, they yelled ' Pergi mampus la lu Babi!!!' maybe because the Cina like to eat babi and since Cina is the only pig-rearer, its obvious why they r called so.

Then sometimes the Cina have been queieing too long at the counter to wait for turn to pay summon, they mumble 'So slow like pig...!! ^o^ " naturally a pig is always lazy and hence slow ma..which explains the statement

I remember Ma always tell the neighbours ' neh, u see la, I am late again lor.. those 32* la.. always so slow when they process the electric bill'

* if i remembers correctly 32 is the number u can find in the Grand Book of habitual 2D gamblers. that hand drwan and written boook contains ugly pictorial of a lot of thngs u can never imagine; a nurse, a couple having sex, a boy fell into drain, a piece of shit and many more which is represented by a string of numbers. The hardcore gambler like Ma will then go thru the grand master book and compile the number before heading to Toto, da ma cai and watever available gamblers' joint to pile some money on the numbers. eventually she didnt win anything la..*

And the anneh, hmm i must say the anneh community is a pretty docile group. They decided not to hate nor like the pig. they chose to eat beef - from the cow and keep holy.(despite got some rat's ass who lug a cow's head and made some noise) Sometimes, they follow suit what the pigs' clan does.. after all like the saying goes 'If u can't lead them, join them'. Of course sometimes their favourite actor Rajnikanth Samee veroo would leap out and do a bit of clown act to entertain the crowd :)

Why spend millions to make commercials of unity? Then make songs some more. We already have a mascot in front of us. I think the mascot is rather upset recently that he decided to give a big sneeze and infect those deserving people with the swine flu ;)


I am never one who will give a heck when it comes to trying to fight for rights. i don't care if someone cut queue. I also do not care if people double park and block me from driving out of the parking. I just walk around, inscribe a small signature on the car with my car key and wait in my own car till the owner comes out. I am also damn lazy to feel mathafarker irritated with the act of certain people who decided to pee in the lift. I will leave the lift and walk the stairs all the way to level 7. Naturally, I also couldn't be bothered to go cast my vote during the election for a change of government. yah, .. so that's how i react towards my surrounding..

I no longer see a point to do anything. A lot of people really hate my 'tidak apa' attitude. But.. tidak apa la.. :) We have different point of view. And I chose not to make my already not so colorful life more miserable than it is.

I am never proud to be stuck in this part of the world. The last time a foreigner asked me where i am from during a trip to Phuket.. i smiled unwillingly and said Meleysia. And then there were conversation goin on about the weather in Mesia yada yada bee boo bee boo..... And i uttered something with no regret " Ah.. just another place wit no significant value"

I am not sure how many people of my generation have such lack of emotion towards the land where they are born. But i know i am..

When one mention Singapore, instantly u can click it with 'kiasu' and high currency rate.. and a shopping haven.. if u can afford... and yet not so rich people like me still flock there.. :)

When it's indonesia,u can recall the hero bombers who made a name for themselves. At least they are known for the notorious bombers :p .. and people can also relate batik to Indonesian. Those very ethnic and detailed motifs on cloths.. which I also love a lot!

Thai - ahh.. the land of tranny hotter than me.. and most probably making more money than i do.. which I sometimes do envy

And what do we have here to offer the world? MeLeYSIA TRULY ASIA - so the rest of the cambodians, thais, laotian, indians, chinese, japanese -- all not Asia meh? Maybe they are not. Because they are not ONE like us here.

We are ONE despite me and the rest of u pork eater not given a 7% rebate for buying a house.

We are definitely ONE when u pork eater gotta make sure your company include a non-babi eater as a director, in order to qualify for jobs and tenders relating to the nation.

We cannot be not ONE when the related agencies and people do so much to help the deceased Teoh to cover up his own death, with reasons the deceased may not be aware of.

We are made to be ONE when you are made compulsary to attend ciku planting ceremonies by the leader of the country, appreciating the ciku trees and take pictures together to make sure the ONE project succeed.

We will definitely be ONE when they make sure you sit for your JPA exam and pray hard to get a job in the civil servant division only to make sure one out of 2000 of you babi eater get a place in it. The rest of the 15,000 allocation? For the real citizen of this ONE nation. so that they wont starve, so that they will keep up to the standard of the nation by being progressive-at-your-own-pace.

Whatever it is, I am really not so disturbed by all these. Cos, i seriously think I don't belong here. I would like to assume that i am just a foreign labour / expatriate who is unfortunate enough to got stuck here.. having to endure frustrating conversation with dumb operator from the telco company just to make a payment... what is wrong with u Maxis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it's not Maxis, maybe it's just the after-effect of the fasting month.. and how many times i must repeat myself? I am not Miss Lim, its MISS LEE !! And how many times i need to tell u i am making payment not investigating my own statement!!!

Never doubt the efficiency of us ONE nation.. we may be dumb, we may be slow, we may also be sleepy most of the time, but we are ONE

Nevertheless, despite all the hates and more hates, I still enjoy the will-make-u-die-faster deep fried curry puff.. and impressing the meley crowd with my highly admired flair in spoken and written meley language. And i think I am also doing quite well with my indian classical dance, that I can soon dance for a living. I think.. :D and the younger generation of the chinese clan, well I must say they have always embraced the concept of being ONE - they want to be jay chou, for the guys, and Jolin Tsai for the girls.. yah, one happy clone.. of ah lians and ah bengs..

Happy Independent Day Babi !!!

Oh.. a very muhibbah video for your view

above fiction is just a dream i had yesterday and does not pin-point any one group in particular, we are all babis, after all :)

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