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Yours truly,
Suhana Suetha

Monday, July 30, 2012

He Hu Luf

You know a guy loves you to bits when he make a shrine of your big ass face on his big ass laptop and download more of your big ass face to make it a slide wallpaper so he can see many sides of your camwhore when he is on his laptop.
Or he could be a psycho maniac who may wanna kidnap you and strap you to a chair like a scene in CSI Miami and slit your throat.

pray to me!

You know a guy must have requires a lot of ego-smashing guts to again plaster your face on his iphone as wallpaper as a 'missing person' poster because he misses the girl so much he must see it all the time =D
He also told you how he has to space out those function tabs on the phone to a few pages and line it along the sides so it wont block your big ass face >.<

move away tabs!

Then he is also equally vain as a guy to change wallpaper so often so he can view many sides of you and risk being laughed at by male colleagues and friends who reminded him he is so not gonna get hitched in clubs and pubs if some stupid Kazakh and Russian girls spotted his iphone shrine. And he gladly remarked "Cheh, I am not available for fun. I got my hot woman already and I am more than happy dy!" <3

or he could be seriously plotting to kidnap you and slit your wrist till you bleed and die 

When you ask him what is he doing at leisure time and he said something like 'downloading your picture from laptop to my iphone and creating frames of posters yada yada..heeeheee' , I am also not sure if you should be  worried in case you got yourself a psychomaniac (who is waiting to strap you on a chair in an underground room and slit your wrist) or happy because he loves you so much (more than you do - yes, always make sure its this way round) that he is enshrining (does the word exist?) you in everywhere possible...

yours truly, the screensaver -_-

Dear fatty,
there you go... stop feeling insecure la....  <3

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