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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Wrap for the Week - July 2012

3 days into slimming drinks and died.. Every week past so fast and it's been an entire week I have been bringing home this folder that carries documents of a project in Lumut in hope to get some project claims done and nothing gets done. It's the end of the second week I am bring the damn file home!

Loots from Emcee Couture's tea party event last saturday
Slim belts @RM10 from  Tank for 5!! omg so cheap how not to buy!
Vintage dress from Peep Boutique @RM10 <3

I got the leopard slim belt from Tankfor5 at RM5 only as she was actually wearing it and it was the last stock of the same design she brought for the event, so she decided to sell it to me at RM5 only! <3 <3  ahh cheapo, I don't mind being called one!

Tried on the Leverag curler set sponsored by Supermodels' Secrets before I go on an actual review. Great for those of you who always fancy wanting to know how u look like with curls. I put it on half a head and slept on it the whole night =D Wait for the full review soon in

the 5 mins before sleep  and the 5 mins immediately after waking up 
more on it in the actual review ;)

I haven't started the review on the Bubbi brushes too! Though I have  been religiously using it. I just found out that the Ecotools brush set I got was a fake set...  can't say much since I only got it for RM20 a set -_-
of Bubbi brushes, fake ecotools brushes, elianto brushes and some bangkok-bought brushes

Waited for Michelle who is forever late >.< and twist and twisted myself a boho braid headband =D

Ladies and gentlemen, gods and angels and stray cats in the neighbourhood, I am pleased to announced that for the first time in my life ever since the internet connection was invented, I WON a give away!
How lucky can I get immediately after turning 33 on July 5th! Yes, wish me lah...
At first I thought maybe the organiser of the giveaway was trying to let me win since I have been diligently joining just to win something (so I can save on buying), but coming from a Randomizer, I guess the tables have turned and I have gotten some luck immediately after turning a year older =D
Now I just need the luck to go to office and see if there is enough funds to get my May salary paid =S

I don't celebrate birthsdays, Valentines' Day, Independant Day, and whatever other commercialised days they possibly exist. Because I simply cannot justify why the need to. I however celebrate Cheng Beng and Vijayadasami where needed. So.. yeah, no pictures of whatever party to usher the life of being a 33 years old woman who can't go lower than a size 12.. knn...
I don't even need gifts. In fact I got the best gift that I would want every year - cash!! 

Christopher was just a random friend from Facebook and Msn and based in Kazakhstan somemore. We never even met and this is considered generous dy!! LOLOLOL

Jeslyn - met her once when she tagging along with her friend whom I was supposed to meet, treated her to a fats porridge meal, became Facebook friend and now I got gift!! =D how random! 

Jac - another shopaholics I have known thru online shopping and have become friends for like 3 years? and continuing! Thank you for the gift!! =D

see!! These people cannot wait to bank in money to me!!! Ling Ling so cute from TinyPinc - the mini clay maker <3

Michelle is godly - seriously. She not only have sponsored me alot of her Supermodel's Secrets beautifying products, but I cannot ever forget the fact that she have bought me a Zaggora Hot Pants that is like so freaking expensive at RM199!! I will do anything for Michelle! Even clean her office toilet! <3

Mechell - most probably find it worthy to give me this since I have been one of her favourite online entertainer with lame jokes to entertain her whenever she feels lame and bored. And this is also her second year to contribute to my birthday fund!.. I hope there is more to come for my next year's birthday!! =P

Sha lene - my compadre in msn!! <3 If Willi isn't your boyfriend, most probably I can get as much msn time compared to Willi too.. thank god to your bf >.<  A great friend, with such positive vibes I hope I am not siphoning out all her good vibes! I Love You!! 

And this is a pretty composition of digital arts I believe (though a lot says its hand drawn) from Meow - an online shopper who always buy my stuff!! I love those pretty dancers' sillhoutte, tho the main picture looked more Joanne Kam Poh Poh than me =D =D

What did I do to deserve such great community of friends??? 
And yeah, so that was how the 33rd years have been treating me. With lots of love ;)

And this is also the year which I have develop so much interest in a lot of stuff.

 The love for Hyun Bin oppa and KimchiHaru in JayaOne with korean waiter boss*drools* 

Finally got myself into the bubble-tea drinking trend. I swear I don't know what are these before!

forced to do this. Don't ask yet..

started bag making for sustainability reason - at turtle slow-mo rate tho ;)

contracted the Asos buying spree.. dont ask.

and did so much camwhore that even I myself cannot stand sometimes.. but prettier camwhore than last year!! =D
don't vomit pleaseeee....

And as I dwelve myself into so many things happening in my life, people must be thinking maybe it's time to go look for a relationship. After all at 33 now, I most probably won't be as fertile as a 26 years old who can breed you a brood... mehhh.... I think I am over that phase of desperation to be in the group of people who have discussion on the best kindergarten for a better nurtured child yada yada... 

People says I am selective.. I am not - seriously. I just couldn't be bothered to start selecting or to compile specimen to perform selection process to start with =D

yeah, I am choosing not to answer certain calls but I swear I am not selective! O.o


  1. LOL Cynthia! Didn't purposely let you win. love you on your birthday :)

  2. I don't even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you're going to a famous blogger if you aren't already ;) Cheers!

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