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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fabulous Finds indeed

The first time I came across Fabulous Finds was from this regular blog that I always read - Street Love.
This is really interesting to share! 
Apparently Fabulous Finds is a 'beauty box subscription service' organisation. Whereby, I assume they source for beauty sampling products from manufacturers and later offers it to the public to subscribe to their service in order to sample the products at a minimal rate of RM35 a month.

What great direct approach to the target segment. I am always intrigued by the many ways one can approach the concept of marketing. And this is indeed a pretty fabulous idea to target of beautyholics who is always on the prowl to buy new beauty products every time they flip thru beauty magazines and spotted something new.

With only RM35 a month to be a subscriber, you will get to enjoy sampling products (of about 4-5 items) delivered to your doorstep. And yes, nothing is free, despite being samples. I don't think you can get free Shiseido samples by asking them over the counters. Hence, I guess RM35 would not be too hefty a sum to pay, especially if you are a beauty junkie who would most probably spend a larger amount than that to buy an original size and end up not using it after a first trial.

Get more info on how to get your beauty box here : FABULOUS FINDS

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