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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Names, names..

SecuriTeam, TeamTech
AdvanTech Security, Surveon Security
Nexus Security
even DreamTeam is taken! FML

And these are some of the names that I reluctantly have came up with.
I am in the midst of dropping the company name of this place which I am currently working and attempting to replace it with a better-sounding intonation.

I googled and googled and even googled more articles to read and learn on how people name their techy gadgets like iPod, BlackBerry and so I decided on a different approach in naming..
Pink Guava
Red Cable,  Blue Cable
BlueDome, BlueStone
Safe Box Security

Darn...and there goes 2 days of 'penultimate idylic'  mode with nothing much being done.
I hsd the corporate profile semi completed, name cards done, and pending to register the company into certain governmental bodies so we can share the cake in doing governmental stuff =D
And now am stuck in determining a brand!! Which leads to the designer having to put on hold of the designing job of the main brand logo and the company leaflet and also the t shirt design.

What could possibly be wrong with Blue Dome Security? If a tooth can be blue and a berry can be black and a dome camera cannot be blue? I can almost envision the entire aerodynamic logo of a dome camera facade with those ergonomic line details along it!!

It's almost a month that I am here in this humble and almost remote working space and I am not liking it!! Because.... there is too much freedom!! TEEHEE!! =D  =D 
I should really find more work scope to torture myself with. Perhaps I am too used to be nagged and monitored too close and indirectly bugged to devote myself in body and soul that I am so not used to this now!

So, yeah, I washed the toilet once because I can't stand the sight of mud stain they left on the tiles.
The boys offered to vacuum the floor and throw the rubbish and wash the vacuum dirt! <3 <3

Things are pretty fine over here, though I hope they can work in a speedier mode and get things done in a more cost-effective, high productivity and time-saving mode. Which I believe is the essence in conserving funds and increasing KPI in an organisation ;)

Lots of stuff that I am looking forward to change and implement. And my main priority now is to kill all bad debtors and squish them to pay the office every single cents that they owe us and squeeze them dry from pee and sweat =D
And I have so much things I wanted to implement and make this the best system integrator organisation possible!!
But in the meantime I guess I need to yawn and keep myself updated with HDMI, TVLine, Video Analytics and such.. yawnnn


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