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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Save My Tyre

I think I should be working towards the preparation for this week's management meeting.
My first official meeting to introduce my presence and the amount of changes that I will introduce to the  organisation.
As much as I am well versed with what  I wanted to implement and ipose and also at the same time improve, I am not sure if my method of corporatising the human culture would work.
They are after all a bunch of men who wears slippers to site and never tuck in their shirt for most of the time in their life. And most probably the most documentation work that they could have ever been exposed to would have been to do their expenses claims.
It is pretty taxing to attempt preaching to people who are so used to doing things with no guidance. As much as I would like to corporatize the organisation, I have this major fear that I will become that of the ex-boss whom I used to work for. Major Hitler with high PR skills, but 1001 doubts about others.
Each time I talk to the boys, I try to remind myself not to be the person who have haunted me for the past 6 years on proving how powerful she is in what she does. I want to be good in what I preach and keep aside the ego of being the best. Every steps that I take, I make extra analysing to ensure I do not use those negative tactics that have been taught to me indirectly previously.

I am not sure if I should, but today I have taken note on how many times a day does the admin lady make a call to the boss, how many times an hour the boss have made a call back to the office to leave instruction, and how many times the engineers have called back to the office to talk to the admin. And I don't like that.
The self-assigned Project Manager too seems to be very bossy unreasonably and have 1200 dB of voice when giving instruction. Typical construction worker manner -_-
And I don't like it. I don't like the fact that there are shouting and commotion of people who have not thin through what is the purpose of the commotion.

And I want to change all these this coming management meeting. I just hope my tyre doesn't get punctured.

can i be your Director in charge and not get my tyre punctured please :)
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