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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Karma Lessening..

How can I not be pissed? I think no amount of breathing-in and breath out can help to regulate my pissed-up level. The damn woman did not show up for work and no one was informed. I have to take over answering calls and typing. Typing! Not that I disgress typing, but I don't hire staff to later do their work.

Perhaps I should have listened to boss and keep the prejudice and bias-ness of not hiring certain category of people because they are known to boast alot and not be able to perform later. Staffing is a very irritating issue to deal with. Because one who hire and later fire risk having his or her tyres being punctured or parts of the car paint being scratched off.

I have been hiring for so long that more or less, I have achieved the skills of getting the right person for the right kind of job. And this time, perhaps I made a wrong move. I practised 70% of approach that a stupid ex boss would have used - to trust people of different skills to do another skills and tap on their family background (in this case, poor people are always desperate for jobs) to ensure that they are dedicated to their work. And obviously this stupid strategy failed me. Not terribly yet, but enough to tarnish my image as a person with sharp judgment. What am I thnking!?

A woman with lots of cuts and scars on her wrist and arm. She could only be of these 2  types - the one who got fucking abused by the spouse or the one who is merely a psychomaniac who have a liking to self torture for personal satisfaction.

I have decided to issue a warning letter. A first one. As part of my attempt to sack the woman voluntarily or involuntarily. I don't give a shit no more.

Being absent at work from fever that does not take away one's life does not spare one from a warning letter.  Unless one is dead from sickness, I see no reason why a person / staff absense cannot be informed. And having to send scan copy of company's document to a random stranger is a big crime. Re-sending some more, after the actual recipient complained he has yet to get any emails. Matherfucking stupid donkey. And the random stranger's email appeared to be an applicant who once wrote in to apply for her same position..

Stupid woman....

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