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Friday, December 23, 2011

TwoFaced version 1.2 perhaps

I have finally issued a warning letter to the lady at work and she made a statement that it was her first warning letter in her 15 years of work. Duh!! So you think after working for 15 years you are exempted from getting a notice due to your inefficiency at work and caused much problem to the company?

Many times when I do a certain execution at work, I always ponder and analyse long if I am behaving like this ex-boss, #TwoFaced which I have adapted to work with for the past 7 years. It haunts me. I am worried if  am following the wrong path  and be #Twofaced version1.2 . I seriously do not wish to be hated for the super-annoying nagging with quotes from the labour law and long preach on why everyone is always wrong and I am always right.

I believe I can do my job well, but it is definitely going to take me some time to wash off those traces of other people's traits which could have inhibited in me for so long.. Bear with me...

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