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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry New Year..

Are you looking forward to a new year?
It is in less than a day time drom now. Nah, I don't mean looking forward to fireworks and counting down in a club with 1204 people that you do not know and another 5 person whom you don't really have much in common sitting at the same table.

2011 was just another year. Nothing great to boast. Perhaps, because 10 months of it were spent on work. And that included another 6 years previously which was also spent on doing the same thing in a redundant manner. Over and over and over again...

So glad I escaped!

I grew of course. Besides the horizontal growth which I am trying to curb, I grew alot in character and personal development. After much time spent slaving off my youth in exchange of working experience, I may have lost a lot of personal time, friends and moments, regret was never in the book. I choose to believe I could have learnt something each day in that narcissistic condition of work. Although my friends and colleagues and even clients around me do not agree with my stubborn philosophy and always wonder how I manage to survive. 

I learnt to be humble and eat in hurry during busy days - just like any other sales people

As everyone stashes my job, I keep defending it and telling them I am all good doing what I LOVE to do. Pfffttt .. Perhaps I do love what I do if seen from another angle. I have established great clients who  are now my friends ( I think my English have degraded recently as I have difficulty determining when to use is,are, was, were..). And despite me being in a different industry, the kind gesture of asking me to submit a corporate profile of what I do now to their organisation was such sweet gesture <3 <3 from people who once gives you money to fund your boss and still try to give you money now to fund whatever...

Now, I seldom reveal what I do. Because it is kinda complicated ( as I want to conquer the world) Time have been hard for the past few months as I am running short of moolah! The frequency of eating in a Chinese foodcourt increases and I think visiting BSC is now considered a luxury thing to do :S
Funny eh? Despite the shortage of moolah and yet the refusal to cook and eat at home - I don't know how to cook, hence even more wastage when attempting ler....

Now.. I have more time. A great boss who listens and let me wave my wand anywhere, anyhow, as long as I wave towards all the goodness and do not drain his pocket. I also have a group of very nice boys and foreign labours included.. who do not mind to vacuum the office when they are back from site after 6pm. Who also collect rubbish from all bins to dispose. Who mops the staircase to the office. And in return, I offer to wash the toilet =D sometimes...
I should be thankful and shaddap.. and guess what? Next month I am going to control their salaries =P So sorry for being a bitch! :S

Ulat no more!!

wardrobe too gone happier!

In 2011, I have also got exposed into the amazing realms of the yoga zone, continued Odissi and later to stop yoga session.. It has always been a dream of mine to master my Indian classical dance and be the real Suetha Ram Gopal  since I was in Form Three. I credit the vision to my addiction in watching Tamil and Hindi movies at a very tender age. Did I tell you Amir Khan is to-die-for?
I am not sure how am I going to excel in it to be like the likes of January Low or Tan Mei Mei, especially at my age. I suppose I will know when I am there. And January is already married and here I am still struggling with my footwork doing Mangalacharan! I shall bang head!!

I have always enjoy the fun of writing. I must say Suhana isn't a very healthy platform for me personally as it is filthered with negativity. How I despise celebration - Chinese New Year top the list btw, how I seriously do not like kids, children, babies and 'things' that poo and expect others to clean their shit. Rants on how I hope to have kill people who block my way, rants on the miserable work and people I have to see and endure on a 'working' daily basis. Yes, it is full of negative / hate / misery, or whatever-you-call-it kind of content. 

I have channeled my passion for writing elsewhere. 
This is the year where I actively camwhored till the cows come home and had my product review done in YourShoppingKaki and of recent Keep In Vogue. These are a great platform for me. Over time, I get young girls who bump into me and recognise me form my YSK writing ! (famous awhile!)
pretty or not? ;)

super ridiculous camwhore for a 32 years old, i know!

For the coming year, I am looking into channelling back my writing to Suhana. I think Suhana deserve something better than negative statements ;)

I may not necessarily leave a legacy when I die, but at least I should leave an interesting blog rite? ;)

Wishing for a new car by working hard and earning commission from what I do now may not be a very good idea. Everyone have been saying that 2012 will be a bad time as the economy is not going to make most of us smile. I hope it will just hit the very very rich one and leave me and those not so rich people alone.

New Year, Merry X'mas, Chinese New Year and all other years that we humankind creates doesn't really leave much impact on me. To me, these are merely event in a day that humankind create to cheer themself up. But the best thing is they never failed to repeat the same thing after and after and after all the years.. 
Everyone floods the facebook wall, your sms-es, whatsapp and whatever mode of communication they can get and talk about the joy of the coming new year with lots of exclamation mark!!! yada yada yada.. 

And then they start talking to themself or 2011 or 2012, I think, because I see a lot of these "Goodbye to you 2011, all have been well, I cant wait to hug you 2012!"

Who are you all talking to!?

As much as I try to positive (which I don't think I am negative), I cannot resume myself to such emotion in ushering another new calendar year. Because life goes on after a day of public holiday. Still got to get to work. Still got to live next to a noisy neighbouring family. Still seeing the same politician on TV talking about hudud and other shit. The road is still congested as usual. Bangsar Shopping Centre parking rate is still the same. 


So why the necessary hassle to cheer yourself up for a day of public holiday only to go back to the same work place the day after? I am not saying you can't cheer yourself up, but why choose that day? Why can't all of you be looking forward to the next day of any day? 
Oh wait.. I think if one does so then the Facebook wall is going to be filled wit scary happy people who talk to the day after Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and all those shit.... -_-

Happy New Year whatever......yada yada....

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  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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