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Friday, June 12, 2009

Crease-py Clean

Takeshi is the on the Emporio Armani frontliners to promote on underwear - and so i saw in Good for him. Extra money, extra exposure..

I saw him on an EA advert ... which i can't find a concrete reason to convince myself why EA can have a model wear their wrinkled outfits without factoring in the need to have it ironed.

Creasy outfit is in eh?? I am not so aware of that new style. The place where I come from, I am 100% refrained from displaying anything with the slightest crease u can find, tho its only behind the mannequin. But for Takeshi to have a center spread and don him in a creased-until-so-obvious EA outfit --- THERE MUST BE A REASON I AM NOT AWARE!!!

If i am a nerd who sooo wannabe a hunk, I wont buy that piece of shirt, even if Takeshi is the President of fashion who dictates what to wear for the year.... it is just not appealing to have a display if wrinkled stuff... why do u think all celebrities go for botox? to iron out wrinkles so that the public will forever see a nice smooth surface! which is pleasant ..

Can u imagine if these 6meters of cloths are not ironed out ? So not appealing...

Another group of people who seldom iron their display items are online blogshop owners.. Maybe because they do not really have those items on sales with them and are merely at the wholesale shop and need to randomly borrow a mannequin and quickly put up the clothes and snap a picture to upload later.. or maybe they simply couldn't be bothered. Either way, it's not a pleasant visual of display. Do u know that when u have a proper display with all surface steamed or ironed out properly, the possibility of people to have a longer look and maybe consider purchasing it is higher? Ah... but then it's none of my business...


almost wanted to buy this turquoise thingy, but then was immediately reminded that it easily creases and i do not do ironing work..

So, can anyone tell me what is the reason that creasy clothes are the IN thing now?

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