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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Desktop

I do constantly take pictures of the desk where I resides in each offices that I managed to land a job.. not that I have landed on a lot of job :D
One of the very first unpleasant desk assigned to me was in this 15 years or more worth of establishment in Cheras.. Maybe more than 15 years, since some of the salesmen, the cleaners, the ED, the office girls have been there for the past 13 years *__*

If you work for gwai lo establishment its quite likely all office furnitures will undergo major revamps as and when necessary. But a typical China man company never believes in the factor that a good environment increases productivity. Hence never expects any change of environment before and after a decade.

ole humble
It's unpleasant because it's strategically located next to the loo, and directly positioned to face this :

Mascot and figurines guarding fatty's room

I have no fondness in adorning my desk. No bf pics, words of wisdom to wake me up.. but oh!! I do have angry essays which i sometimes intentionally leave on my desk when I leave the place for the day. The tendency of people to look into my on-going projects are obviously high since I am just next to the loo!! a place where people convene and starts bickering while passing out toxins.

that place in Cheras

And so, I've decided to make way for a better person who can fit the place next to the auspicious loo hall :)

I got a room eventually in this new place.. which is no longer new, considering that I have been faithfully serving the organisation for the past 3 years or more..

mess? no ler...

Heavily inspired to keep clean and tidy of my workstation after seeing what boss can do.. I tried.. but failed :)
I dunno why, but I am heavily inspired to work with a mess on the table top. It gives blood rush to try and finish up more task and get the table cleared. The staff have attempted to tidy up the desk every morning before I come in, but I do not see a point in doing it as it will eventually come back to the same choreograph of mess as i work thru it :)

Have been rotting in the room for a year before we suspect something amiss .. I wasnt making any sales!!! Directly it may be my fault.. indirectly I think its the spirit. I swear its the spirit!!

And so I vacated the room to have a spot with a strategic hill behind me back. But nothing changes the desk.. It's the same choreographed mess..

early 2008

June 2009

I don't think I will ever learn eh...

That desk behind the main desk

How many of you do get to have mobile partition which changes by season? :) I guess not many eh.. Well, that's the best part when you are in a creative industry..

Love my new wall hanging panel made of hand drawn batik.. for your viewing pleasure :)

as gorgeous as the lady who sits here

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