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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Overpriced Nasi Lemak

where is the overpriced food?

we jammed up Summer @ Quattro :)

battle of the boob about to begin
rude u!!

serious complot of the futsal player, the inspector and the researcher

I love meeting up with old friends.
I hate to make Mid Valley the meeting point.
I do not see any valid reasoning to be hanging out in Steven's corner as an attempt to catch up with people whom I have not met for long.
I have long concluded that these mamak joints are actually bird watching spots for a lot of yuppies and thus have stopped patronising.
I just prefer to be in random places, trying out different stuff and not get my hair all oiled up from the burning tandoori chicken..
I see no wrong in going to a more comfortable venue to have talks without being pestered by VCD peddlers.
As I try to fill in more words to this post, I also realised something --- this is not the kinda stuff that I would lament on my blog..merely because :-
- it doesn't excite me emotionally
- I do not have friends who are models, artiste or merely bimbos who can appear cute in pictures. Instead, I have police inspector, researchers, doctors, futsal player and lots of working executives friends who have low-risk, low-profile life.
The exec
The exec-cum futsal player-/the inspector /- the soon-to-be-jobless-researcher
the IT nerd
the batik lady
Nevertheless, I do enjoy a good night out having overpriced food that comes with the ambience and the comfort of not having the hair being oiled with the memsmerising tandoori aroma :)
Not to mention exorbitant parking rate. Then again, this is KL, what ya expect?
mumbo jumbo

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