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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When I Do Get My Anklet

In another couple more months, I will be taking centrestage and perform with the rest of them :D

Yup, another of my must-do's for the year besides completing the marathon. Coming July and I will officially be a year old doing odissi. I hope the common perception that it takes a dancer at least 7 years for a solo performance in classical to be totally UNTRUE!! By then I would have been 37 years old and not be able to make a business out of this skill which I have by then invested RM6720 for the tuition fees ( can use the equal amount to operate the tuition centre i have in plan). Hopefully with a mere RM1920 which is equal to 2 years of tuition fees in odissi I will get my own anklets and complete my arangetram.
I have very little hand and feet co-ordination.. am still wondering if I will actually quit before I can go on year of doin it ans still not getting any slimmer... hmm... am only good in acrobatic steps and not synchronised steps.. the pressure is as much as trying to make a sale !!!
Tachayaini and friend
Malathy been doin it forever

Masterji and Kali

Some bald men just announced the latest addition to the petrol which is gonna cost 20 cents more and he couldn't explain why... Yeah, nobody really knows why and WHY in this country that I live..

Wish them luck, and wish me luck too ..

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