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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Complexity of a Complicated Concubine :P

I never do get it why would people announce to the whole wide world on their complex relatonship status on Facebook or Friendster by making it a point to make a statement that they are in a COMPLICATED kinda relationship.
If you are a girl and u put that on your status, what would you expect a single guy to do? If i am the guy who would like to know more about you or maybe even pitch you out of your misery, are you gonna allow that to happen? Since you already made a declaration that you are in a rut of complication.
Or.. or maybe you are telling the public 'don't play play' with you cus you are so undecisive with the relationship that is goin on with your life. Literally you are soo screwed up..
If you are a guy in a complicated mode, then shame on you! It really sums up to one reason - you are a coward in disguise. A womaniser will never put the'COmplicated' mode. It will jepoardise his market share to be in such complexity.. See? It's apparent that the one left to put such status must be those who are left in the dark to lurk around attached ladies and hoping they will get the bouquet to her hand.
I view relationship merely as an episode in someone's life that comes and go.. i mean of course if it stays eternally that would be a wish granted for most love-hopefuls. But things are never always beds of roses :)
There are stumbles and pot holes.. Some are lucky to have a smooth ride. While some keep stumbling to the point that they do not see the feasibility to continue the journey.. hence they turn to monosexual people... yeah, sometimes your best friend of the same gender understand you better than the jerk who tries to meddle your emotion.. hence the jump-over to a monolythic relationship..
Many are clueless to what happens to me.. Boss always think I am depressed over relationship hence not able to focus on my work.. Nah, Im not..
Yeah, there are jerks (i mean bumps, not the person kinda jerk) in that particular segment of life.. but I don't think it's wise to be a weakling and forever claim to be in a complicated kinda situation.. sometimes things are best solved earlier to make way for a better path ahead!! :)
Maybe I am self consoling over this lame post.. maybe I am plotting something too.. but I bet for me to be sober over such issue is new to those who know me :P
Yeah, I am kinda good in sealing these kinda issue to the back of my face.. But really, when it's time to work, it never really zap across my mind, so is during the time when I am busy entertaining the frolics of friends around.. I supposed this kinda issues is never a top 10 in my priority in life.
But I vow to untangle the whole complication!!!
Actually it's not that complicated.. I just gotta say it .. in another post :D

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