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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Power OF Shoes..

And i thought I can fend off the typical superstition that all girls / women / ladies will crave for a collection of accessories - be it shoes, bags, trinkets of chains etc...

Then I realised something... I too am a woman in the making.. Besides spending the monthly hard earned money on zombie-colored lenses, colorful eyeshadows, attention seeking mascaras, face powder which promises 1001 wonders to make me a flawless Rihanna, some low cut blouse which screams boobs and once a while some expensive push up for the PUSHED OTT visual effect, I have developed the same syndrome like those other woman with weak feet - SHOES!
I am still analysing the possibility of me to have spend sinfully or maybe its merely a necessity. Ah moi complained that I rather spend RM250 on a shoes than to go clubbing with her... please dont blame the shoes.. why wud I want to go clubbing with another estrogen boosted spesies? :)
I came back with a pair of shoes most probably desired by all girls.. accompanied by a satisfied credit card statement :(
Of course being ordinary and only able to afford the commoners brand, don't expect to be dazed with a closet full of JImmy Choos... is gonna take me a couple of years to actually be able to afford A pair. nevertheles I'm still happy with what I've got.. :)

my Flokaka from ALDO - RM468 @ 50% discount

Melissa from ftv @ below RM50. bought it just to match the red dress

Whitney II from Primavera @ RM180 maybe

Sookie from London, courtesy of Kio :)

my very first Whitney I which can no longer be worn :(

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