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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do U Know What I Do??

To most, i seem free..
When asked, people knows I do batik.
But do u know batik is a process? It's not what I really do?As in that's not my profession? That is merely a process widely known to make colourful fabrics for arts and fashion purposes.
And saying that I do batik merely means that I am in an industry which does that particular process. By saying that I do batik does not mean I am literally, virtually, visibly, physically free !!! Cus i work!! I do have a job with a specific job scope that comes with a lengthy description on how do I go about in that particular position of mine.
By saying that I do batik does not mean I only start work when I am inspired to draw and design.No, I do not draw nor do I design for a living. I do not stand along batik frames determining sizes of the motifs that is to be drawn. I also do not just sit and hope that creative juice will come and make me do more designs just to upload into Facebook for your watching and amusement, just to get your compliments..Even if I were to say that I DO BATIK, have you ever wondered what do I do with the batik that I did? Assume that I draw and design. If I keep doing that every single day, I would have plentiful of batik fabrics. If you do not receive a piece if batik from me, have you ever wondered where does the batik goes?? Did it ever occured to anyone of you whee does it goes??
Or maybe most think I draw when the creative juices flow, then have all the fabrics displayed in some carts or kiosk in some poorly populated malls. Have you also ever figured if I were to do so, would I still be able to meet up with you for lunches, dinners or any other activities?Have anyone of you also wonders why my nails are clean and are not tainted with paints or whatsoever? And also I wear heels and nice clothes when I see any of u? Instead of me seeing you in stained hand, and poorly bleached t-shirts ( this is what the batiker normally wears)?This is because batik is just and INDUSTRY i am in!!! Not what I do!!! If i say i am in semiconductor, does it mean i start soldering component boards????
Have you also wondered why there are restaurants which is secluded, with not very tasteful food prepared by immigrants from Burmese can have loads of buses of corporate clients coming for teambuilding dinners or so? Have you also every thought how the hell does the ikan keli breeder manages to flock off all his breeding in the ponds?? Do you also know that now, the tongkat ali drinks have come out with a new version called " Sparkling Tongkat Ali" ?And who the hell do you think initiates or create awareness to all these?? It's a fraction of the population who took up the responsibility to do sales and marketing.
Yes, I am a sales and marketing manager !!!! I am not trying to be an arrogant bitch to stress i am a MANAGER. am merely telling all of you who is not aware that I HAVE A JOB TOO AND ITS NOT BATIK!!. I am a salesperson, literally. In any case some of u may have mistaken me for a clerk who just sit in the office and waits for request to perform any task which may not be of any benefits to the company where I am attached, let me tell u... that is not my job description..
Whatever churned out from that humble production of ours, I need to figure who is gonna buy those stuff. And again, I dont hog my own desk waiting for the possibilities of u, u or u to ring me up and maybe offer to buy. I make calls, I make more calls, I see people and I see more people, presenting what I do and trying to propose 1001 ideas to sell what we are churning out..If by any chance anyone of u are able to meet me up during lunches, dinners, jogging session, movies or any other events that may seem to imply i do not really have a proper job, let me tell u.. I DO.. just like anyone of u..
I do not go around making justice reading law, I do not go around talking about finances and being president of some banks, I do not go around diagnosing what is the type of flu u may be having, I do not go around talking about news from Microsoft on some latest software development..
It just so happen I seem to be in a different industry than most of you are. but at least I have a job, and I can still afford activities like anyone of u.. (most activities)So, please do not think that I have NOTHING much to do whenever u catch me free.. thats' just how we sales people are supposed to be, accomodating to everyone's need -- if possible.
I will tell you I am free even when I am driving without a handfree.
I will also tell you I am free even when I may be in the midst of a discussion.
I am also free when I am in the midst of preparing proposal within datelines ( yes, batik people do do proposal like u corporate people)
I am always free for anyone of you.. but it does not mean that I am totally free with no work!
We are just a bunch of accomodating species who have been trained to have a soft spot for people who may want to spend some time on catching up, maybe with a lil business prospect..
Then there are times when I declined and said I am not free - it may have meant :-
1- i really am not free - like maybe visiting the Prime Minister
2- i really am not keen to see you at that time:)
Summing it up, I hope all of you do know/ am aware / are made known that besides the normal profession, normal industry that you are in, there are normal people like me out there who also have a normal job, tho in rare indsutry but still having an equally tough job scope as you do.

I am sad..

Good day..

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